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Re: Update on My Prostate Cancer Prognosis

I had surgery 3 years ago when I was 59. Mine was thought to be contained but some got into the fatty tissue. A year and a half later I went through salvage radiation treatment after my PSA started rising. Other then the drive, the radiation was a piece of cake. The surgery I had a difficult 2 week recovery and another 2 months until I felt really recovered. If I had it to do again and knowing the genie was out of the bottle I would have probably opted for radiation. With evidence that cancer is contained I would go with surgery. I just wish I would have had the surgery 2 to 3 years earlier. The one big plus with surgery is your PSA level will be undetectable if they got it all. This takes a lot of guess work out of deciphering PSA. There are a lot of other considerations and a lot of opinions so good luck with your decision.

Re: Update on My Prostate Cancer Prognosis


It seems to me you are still looking for quick solutions where none exist. You ask for sage advice - I can only refer you to my last response to you where I set out in some detail what I thought might be the best path for you to follow - my version of sage advice . Of course we all approach problems in diffferent ways, and you may think that advice was not sage but......if you want to gain some control over the decision making process, you need to understand more about your diagnosis and options.

When I see a statement like Radiation has come along ways since Dad ( he was burnt badly and does no happen now) and you get 35 treatments over 7 weeks for 5 days/week. I shake my head. Men are still damaged by radiation which is done by people who are not too good at it, or who have old machinery; it is not essential to have radiation over 7 weeks - there are at least two other options and so on and so forth. I won't try to cover all the points that are on the website - or all the options open to someone who appears to have an indolent form of the disease.

Re: Update on My Prostate Cancer Prognosis


Terry is rarely wrong as I have noticed over five years of reading his advice. I would just add that men are also damaged by good radiotherapy technicians using the latest equipment. Men are also damaged by premature or unnecessary surgery. Don't believe that your love life will ever be the same again after taking either of these options. When you reach the age where there are no terrors in taking such a route you will be ready for it. Meantime, take your time, keep abreast of treatment developments (there have been many over the last five years and based on the research taking place I reckon that there will be many more over the next five) and don't jump over that cliff until you have to.

Dunno if that is sage advice, but it is heartfelt. Good Luck.

Ed in England

Re: Update on My Prostate Cancer Prognosis

I sometimes attend a local gathering of prostate guys and the speakers are often radiologists and urological surgeons. The consensus is that if one is treated by an "expert" in each field ( brachy, radiation and surgery ) the cure rate is pretty well the same. Surgery used to be the best option. The key is to have an "expert" perform whichever you choose. I chose surgery and now need viagara for sex ( and it's still not the same - about 60 -70 % of prior ) but had no pain and no incontinence. Morceau de gateau really. I did choose the top guy in my part of the world. Some don't have this luxury.

Re: Update on My Prostate Cancer Prognosis

I won't offer advice other than to say that each person has to make their own decision as to what is best given their situation. My urologist left the decision up to me and had me talk to both the surgeon and oncologist. He did urge me to get treatment due to my young age. I went with surgery because I wanted to know the definitive pathology. Although all the Dr.'s a thought mine was slow growing as it was grade 6 and biopsy showed low % involvement, it worked out to be more aggressive than thought and had moved outside the prostate. All were surprised. I did not wait for my PSA to rise, but proceeded directly to radiation. So far I have tolerated radiation well and have 8 more sessions to go.
I was very happy with my surgeon who had done more that 1500 robotic prodedures and am also happy with my radiation oncologist who is associated with a top hospital group.
Good luck with the decision.