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Re: No Rules

Terry, ditto to what the Stranger posted!

Re: No Rules

Prayers for your health from me as well. You have given us all great support and hope. Best I can do for you is to pray for your health!

Re: No Rules

I am deeply saddened by your latest posting. Bad things shouldn't happen to good guys like yourself.
I wish there was something more I could do in addition to adding my prayers to the others who proceeded me here.
Many of us are on the same path, so please keep us up to date so we know what to expect and/or what other options may be available to us (like chemotherapy?)
Hang in there as best you can. We all hope you continue to beat the odds.

Re: No Rules

Hey Don, no need to be sad! I'm still here and will be for some time yet - that's a guarantee:-)

We all have to pass on some time and I have hit my Biblical "best before" date of threescore years and ten; I've had a wonderful life; I have been able to help some folk over some hurdles. If I went up the chimney tomorrow I'd have no regrets - well, apart from the fact that I never visited all 51 States, having had to stop at 35!

And thank you all who've posted here and mailed me off the Forum. I appreciate your commetns and good wishes.

All the best

Terry in Australia

Re: No Rules

Cannot fault either your logic or your attitude. Perhaps there is something we all can learn from that in addition to all the scholarly materials you have provided us over the years.

Re: No Rules

apart from the fact that I never visited all 51 States, having had to stop at 35!

I'm rooting for you to eventually see all 50 (not 51) states and Washington, D.C., which has people who speak for them in the Senate and House, but have no vote in those distinguished bodies.

Is that too far off topic? But then again, you were the one who 'went there'.


Re: No Rules

Found this web site about 6 or 7 years ago after my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in April of 2004. I'm a nurse and had some medical knowlege having worked in surgery for many years. With a psa of only 4.2 John ended up with a Gleason 8 (seminal vesicle invasion bilaterally) but no lymph node involvement and clean margins. He had salvage radiation a year later for a rising psa of 0.2
Psa remained under 0.1 for about a year and then started climbing agian. It was pretty stable until November of last year (2011) when it jumped to 1.5. He is checked every three months and it has continued to climb. Last psa was on 12/04/12 and was 2.7
He feels good and has no symptoms. We joke, sometimes, that he is only sick on paper.
I'm telling you all this to let you know that I think your decision is the right one.
John has a good Dr. He doesn't want to rush into any hormone therapy until we have to.
John's prognosis was five years at best when he was diagnosed. It will be 9 years in April.
I definitely agree that there are NO rules to this disease.
A good outlook and a healthy lifestyle can help.
I have met several nice people through the site. Keep up the good work. You have done more for us than you can imagine.
Best of luck and we will be thinking and praying for you.
Sincerely, John & Roberta Lehman USA

Re: No Rules

Thanks for that Roberta.

Your comment We joke, sometimes, that he is only sick on paper. reminded me of my pal Lars in Sweden. I can't recall precisely when he was diagnosed and chose EBRT, but after several years his PSA started rising. His daughter was very concerned and cornered me on a visit to Stockholm about four or five years to ask how long I thought her father had - and what more he could do - he was on an intermittent ADT regimen.

Her mother, Lars' wife was diagnosed with breast cancer about ten years before Lars' PCa diagnosis. She looks well and it seems that her disease was dealt with adequately. Lars' daughter agreed that was the case. I pointed out that her father looked and seemed as well as her mother. Both lived full active lives. The only thing that was worrying her about her fathe was a test that is not very accurate. If there was a similar test for BCa, she might be just as worried about her mother!!

She seemed a little happeier after that and as Lars is still doing well, with no sign of dying just yet (although as he is in his mid-80s, both he and I know he can't live for ever!).

My biggest health problem right now are the consequences of my heart condition medication. How I wish I could stop those!

All the best

Re: No Rules

......sometimes using one drug instead of another can produce a good result.

I think, in the end, this is how you'll overcome your current predicament.

Stay well.