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Anyone have feedback on Finasteride for use for slow PSA rise after RPP/Radiation? Interested if any of the extreme side effects mentioned on a myriad of sites are more than rare or not. Doc thinks it has merit during AS to reduce PSA (I understand the comments about it only masking PSA increase--not what I am searching for).


Allen Z

Re: Finasteride

I have a friend whose circumstances are different than yours, but here is his story for your consideration.
At age 73 in Nov. of 1999 diagnosed with a PSA of 25.5 and a Gleason of 6; his treatment included one round of Triple Blockade for 13 months; PSA dropped to.1; PSA gradually rose over a 1 year period to 21,5; diagnosed with recurrent cancer; placed on antiangiogenic cocktail for 6 months which proved ineffective, i. e., no reduction in PSA; in Jan. of 2002 put back on Triple Blockade for a 1 year cycle plus Chemotherapy for 3 months plus intermittant antiangiogenic cocktail.
My friend has been cancer free for 11 years. He takes a daily dose of Finasteride and claims no adverse side effects from this routine.

Re: Finasteride

Hi Donald,

Your description of your friend's history is intriguing. Can you get him to post on this forum? I, for one,would be interested in the contents of the antiangiogenic cocktail he was taking.

Jack from Jersey (the new one)

Re: Finasteride

Ive been reading here for 17 months since a panic of 3000 psa, bone mets from head to toe, peeing clots and blood, collapsing from pain and delirious weakness led me to this site and hundreds of others and hundreds of research abstracts. Only when the blood and clots happened did i finally visit a doctor. How dumb was that? That 'S' on my chest I thought meant 'superman' really meant 'stupidman'. I startex ADT2 initially that lowered psa to about 300 after 2 months. I took the 2 months to stop panicing and googled 7-8 hours a day to decide what to do. Started COMG's cocktail of cocktail aproach. Antiangiogenics of thalidimide, revlimid, and leukine, hormone cocktail of lupron, estradiol, xtandi, chemo of tax/ carboplatin w /prednizone, misc cocktail of crestor, metformin, celebrex, 5ar inhibitors of finesteride and avodart, and a bone health regime of xgeva, calcium, vit d and c. And a low-fat mediterainean diet(yes im sick of salad, but hey) Now my psa is 1.5, no bone pain, feel relatively great. Finesteride is least of my worries, and I do seem to have slightly thicker hair. A few other side effects but the best one is that I'm still here.
I started thinking I would be toast in 12-18 months and not make it to 53 but thanks to sites like this one....(Lets have national Terry day!!) now I'm hoping for 10-15 years, or until they get more magic pills, or....... I get hit by a bus..

Anyway you might want to read Dr Bobs papers on the website about what he does. It sounds really close to your freinds treatment-especially the 13 month thing.
good luck. john

ps. First time in my life i've posted anything to any site anywhere, so please forgive the typos.

Re: Finasteride

Thanks for posting your story. It will give hope to many.