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I had surgery just over 2 years ago and my PSA started climbing. I opted for salvage radiation and hormone therapy when my PSA reached .36. I had the test done 3 times by 2 different labs to confirm the .36 results before starting radiation. From my research salvage radiation has the best results if done prior to PSA reaching .5 and should be started for sure before PSA gets over 1.
You have a ways to go before needing to make a decision but I would follow your doctors advice and monitor your PSA. With prostate removed it doesn't seem like the motorcycle ride would elevate PSA.


Just wanted to add some data to this discussion.
My PSA level had been 1.2 for a few years.
This year at my regular exam, it came in at 4.3 which concerned me.
I redid the test a week or two later and it was 4.1
This got me a trip to the urologist. He asked if I had changed anything. I told him I started riding a bicycle 13 miles a few days a week. He said stay off the bike a couple of weeks and retest.

It dropped to 2.3. Still high enough and along with a small nodule that was felt to warrant a biopsy and subsequent diagnosis of cancer. Very small and I will be on Active surveillance. You can see details in my story I posted but although certainly not definitive testing, riding a bicycle seemed to affect my PSA score. I am sure it could have been something else, but it did drop when I stopped. I am about to start riding again, but at least I know what to look for now.



Cycling can certainly change PSA levels signficantly, as can a number of other activities - sex being the most common!

I don't know if you read PSA 101? That gives the basic information about PSA variance.

You might like to have a look at a linked URL PA - 28 DAY EXPERIMENT where I checked on variances of my PSA levels by taking a daily PSA test.

All the best

Terry in Australia


Yes I read it. It was one of the things that helped me to decide on AS.

It wasn't sex that elevated it. ;)

Just kidding, I know not a subject to joke about, but keeping our humor is important isn't it?

In fact, I have not had sex since the biopsy. I won't until the blood is gone from my semen.
Just too much to ask of my wife.

Thanks for all the info!