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Re: Choosing to wait

Hello Charles,

I also have been taking the alternative approach, it has been an ongoing process to REALLY learn how to care for myself through diet, and life style changes.

I was diagnosed in 2/2011 and began a fairly good diet along with supplements, herbs etc. I made any number of mistakes, like going back to college full time while taking this approach, not my best decision. My numbers the time of diagnoses were PSA 2.59, T1C, Gleason 6. My last PSA in July was 2.8 yet from December 2011 until July I took on too much in my life and my stress level was not good. I also fell off my good eating habits. I have since corrected this. I see my UR ( who wants me to have a Radical Prostatectomy because of my age 51)9/10/2012. I will ask him if, based on my numbers if it is safe for me to continue my present course of treatment until the end of 2012 and then do another biopsy to see if there has been any improvement.

Pete M, NYC

Re: Choosing to wait

Hi Pete,

I was only recently diagnosed (6/2012) and quite a bit older (63) so I am definitely in the AS mode, like you, and with a real change in life style, nutrition, etc. Stress was the hardest thing to identify, target, and remove. I wish you well in dealing with your stressors. I understand why your uro is pushing for the RP. Age is one factor in considering AS. Even with my "numbers" (GS6, PSA 2.4 on Avodart, 5% of 1 of 12 cores) my age is really borderline for the AS protocols I have read about. I didn't see your story, but it sounds like only your age is prompting your uro to suggest RP surgery instead of AS. You may want to seek a second opinion. Ultimately, of course, it's your choice and as I have come to understand, there are no guarantees. Whatever your choice, I wish you the best.


Re: Choosing to wait


Thank you for being so open with your numbers, this info gives me something to think about and gives me a better perspective on my situation. With 7 out of 12 for me with most greater than 50% perhaps I have missed any window of opportunity for AS/ alternative healing.

Yet perhaps not.

Pete m.

Re: Choosing to wait

Hi Pete, with so many cores positive and to such a great extent, I am honestly surprised you were not more strongly encouraged to get some kind of treatment. Maybe this perspective is wrong as I am very much in the beginning stages of learning as much as I can about PCa, but I have yet to find any AS protocols which would allow for such a large number of positive cores and that much PCa in each of those cores. There is certainly lots of info on these protocols on the net. I hope whatever treatment choice you make you have a great outcome.