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Timing of Cancer Reoccurence after Surgery

I was in for my ( 4.5 year ) annual post radical meeting with my Urologist who is one of the top urological surgeons in Canada. He said that most re-occurence comes at "2 years" and there is some at '5 years'. I personally think that the skill of the surgeon greatly enhances one's chances of avoiding a re-occurence. He said to avoid any testosterone therapy to enhance sex drive as this is like playing with fire. Hope this is helpful to someone.

Re: Timing of Cancer Reoccurence after Surgery

One problem with PC, unlike almost all other cancers, is that it hides out in the bone niche and goes into "suspended animation" for what can be many years. That is why reoccurence can occur 15 years later. At least that is the latest theory.

Re: Timing of Cancer Reoccurence after Surgery

I didn't realize that renegade/escaped prostate cancer cells may hide in bone niches. I'm not really sure what a bone niche is. I just thought that the prostate flushed out microscopic cancer cells that floated around in the bloodstream looking to cause trouble and sometimes were successful. Very tricky disease whatever the case. Thanks FRank. Good input.

Re: Timing of Cancer Reoccurence after Surgery

G'day bobbyboy,

Further to your surgeon's comment about testosterone therapy, you will be interested in an article by Robert Coward and Culley Carson. Google the title "Testosterone replacement therapy after prostate cancer" and it will come up as the first search result.

The gist of the article is that testosterone therapy after prostate cancer treatment may be safer than previously thought.

All the best from Brian in Australia.

Re: Timing of Cancer Reoccurence after Surgery

Thanks Brian. I'll read that article. Yes, my Urologist had a look of horror on his face when I asked about it.