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Re: FYI: A Warning about Misinformation on an MRI following a Biopsy

Thanks for the clarification. Actually, mine was a bit different. I was planning to fly out to CA (I live in NC) and get a targeted biopsy from Dr Bahn, when I found out that my local hospital had a new MRI that was supposed to be able to spot PCa tumors. The MRI and biopsy were not done at the same procedure. The MRI was done first and created a CD containing a series of scans which clearly showed the tumor. Using these pictures as a guide, my new uro was able to put 6 cores into a small 1cc tumor. My biopsy was "targeted" but not "real-time" targeted like Dr Bahn and his CDU.

Re: FYI: A Warning about Misinformation on an MRI following a Biopsy

I would go back to the doctor/department who gave you the MRI & demand a second MRI at no cost because the first scans are unuseable.
I feel that your case would be stronger if you remember who said that it's OK to have the MRI
and if the radiologist had in your file the date of your biopsy and yet still went ahead & gave you the MRI. If they won't refund your complete $4000,
maybe they'll give you a 50% reduction.

Re: FYI: A Warning about Misinformation on an MRI following a Biopsy

Hi Doug,

Thanks for the advice, which I'm going to follow through on. I found this passage on the following website which I am going to use as the basis of my argument:

"MRI cannot always distinguish between cancer tissue and inflammation or presence of blood products within the prostate, which sometimes occurs related to a prostate biopsy. To avoid confusing the latter with the former on imaging, prostate MRI should be performed more than six to eight weeks after prostate biopsy, if possible, to allow remnants of bleeding to resolve."

If I fail, it won't be for lack of trying (and, at the very least, I'll still be thankful that the cost did not come out of my own pocket). Wish me luck.

Alan M in the USA