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Re: Zoladex 10.8mg

G'day Ron,

About 4 years ago I had one isolated 10.8 Zoladex injection.

They said to expect a loss of libido and ED within about 3 weeks, but it took more like 8 weeks to happen for me.

The full effect then lasted for about 4 months before taking another 4 or 5 months to reverse.

It was nearly a year before I was fully back to my pre-Zoladex capabilities.

A few dutasteride (Cialis) might help with your rehab. Not much more than a dollar each out of India.

All the best.


Re: Zoladex 10.8mg

"A few dutasteride (Cialis) might help with your rehab."

Sorry, I'm getting my drugs mixed up. I meant tadalafil, not dutasteride.

Re: Zoladex 10.8mg

Thanks for the information Brian and Terry.
I am in somewhat similar position to you, Brian, in that I also had only one isolated injection of Zoladex 10.8mg about 12 to 13 months ago.
So it has had nine to ten months to vacate my system to date.
The most noticeable change is the absence of hot flashes.

My problem is compounded by a heart condition which I understand would not lend itself to the use of cialis or viagra in conjunction with heart meds.
So I assume I will just have to cross my fingers in regard to a positive change in the libido and ED department.

As Terry said I may be one of the few to whom it never returns.


Ron G

Re: Zoladex 10.8mg

Cialis will not help Libido.

Re: Zoladex 10.8mg

Just get your testosterone level measured. It will show as soon as the Zoladex has stopped working. The Zoladex 10.8 is the 3 month dose which does seem to have a longer lasting effect (beyond it's stated time) than the one month dose. There are two factors that effect when your testosterone will go back up. How long the drug is in your blood, and after it is no longer in your blood, how long the receptors take to repair themselves. This is why "how long it takes before your Testosterone goes back up again" can be quite variable from person to person.