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Re: Recommended Prostate Health Supplements

Aloha Tim,
My own opinion is that there is nothing that will help you avoid PCa. I took several recommended supplements for 20 years or so before my own PCa was detected. Waste of money. The only proven food stuffs are for a healthy heart diet. The rest of us are subject to our genes, good or bad. I also used full strength asperin for more than 40 years to help treat my sinus lining inflamation. Did not do anything to reduce the severity of my PCa.
So, Tim, eat what feels good and take anything you think is necessary, BUT, enjoy your life now and accept what comes,

Re: Recommended Prostate Health Supplements

I’ve got three things to say, Tim:

1. I don’t think any of the contributors to this Forum would deliberately mislead you on supplements.
2. Many people believe that supplements are important and will recommend ones they take even if there is doubtful evidence as to their usefulness
3. I am with Joe. I think that there are no supplements that are necessary for men who are eating a good healthy diet, exercising (outdoors if possible) and have a positive attitude to life. I don’t agree with everything Dr Myers (who makes a good living out of his books and advice on diet) has to say here Myers Management but I do think that he covers most of the important issues well.

Good luck

Terry in Australia

Re: Recommended Prostate Health Supplements

First of all, since there are now two Alans on the forum, and the other one seems to have preceded me, I will now list my posts under the name Alan M (even though our experiences are very different).

I've decided to put my two cents worth in on this discussion since nobody has taken this particular position. I can't agree with Joe Mac’s opinion that there is nothing that will help you avoid PCa. I do agree with him that for some of us the cancer is in our genes, and therefore cannot be prevented or slowed, but at the same time, I do not believe that is the case for everybody.

Since studies have shown that certain vitamins & supplements MAY prevent or slow the progression of PCa, it is my opinion that it can't hurt to take them, unless they have been shown to possibly be harmful as well. For example, I have recently read that some studies have shown a link between multivitamin use (which I take daily) and advanced prostate cancer. However, in examining the evidence, it is no surprise that I have found that the study results are inconclusive. Also, it appears as though the link is related to excessive use (in other words, taking more than one a day). So, I think the thing to keep in mind is the following advice from Dr. Walsh: "Remember… moderation in all things. You must resist the more is better approach. Such thinking is dangerous". I also think that it is a good idea to Google any vitamin or supplement you are considering taking so that you can examine its pros and cons and make up your own mind.

On the subject of foods, I believe that it just makes sense to follow the cancer prevention recommendations of the American Cancer Society (ACS), even if you already have PCa. After all, it is pretty commonly recognized that those things that are SUPPOSED to help prevent PCa MAY also help slow the progression of the disease as well. Lastly, since a number of studies** have found significant links between an increased Body Mass Index (BMI) and the risk of dying from PCa, eating right, exercising and maintaining your correct weight is certainly in your best interest.

**One study by the ACS found that men with a BMI greater than 30 were 20 to 25% more likely to die of prostate cancer than thinner men.

For what it's worth, I take the following vitamins and supplements daily: 1) Two fish oil softgels, which are odorless to avoid fish burps. 2) Four pomegranate capsules and no sugar added pomegranate juice. Note: I take the capsules because the drink contains only 20% real juice, and not all of it is pomegranate. While they do make 100% pomegranate juice, it is rather expensive, and supplements can be found on Buy One Get One Free sales almost weekly at the local supermarket (even though my local Stop & Shop has recently discontinued the capsules). 3) A single Centrum multivitamin. 4) 12-20 ounces of diet green tea with dinner. Also, twice a week, I have spaghetti because of the lycopene that is found in the tomatoes in the sauce.

All the best,
Alan M

Re: Recommended Prostate Health Supplements

Aloha Alan M,
A couple of comments. I am somewhat thin, 6' 1" and after the Navy in 59, I've been between 150 & 170 lbs, currently at 165 lbs. I also was big on tomatoes for 20 yrs or so before PCa. I have been exercising for the past 40 years and still off road bicycle & do an inside floor routine for six days/week. Exercise is one of two things that have kept me from going bannanas.
What I'm trying to say here is that when you have aggressive PCa, it does not matter what you eat or take. I did not have a family history of PCa, there were a few cancers.
On a positive note, my nerve pain in de feet has over the past few months become more bearable to the point of being able to wearing work & hiking boots again. I credit this (see earlier post feeding your mitochondria)to eating 2 lbs of mixed veggies (different colors)/day, switching to grass fed beef, and taking those 2 fish oil caps/day. Try as we might, we both do not like eating fish & chicken & turkey just don't give me the energy I need.
I think that we each should try what ever we want. If that makes life more bearable, do it. I've tried many supplements, just a waste of good money.

Re: Recommended Prostate Health Supplements

Yep, supplements are a waste of money. I recently viewed a dvd: knives over forks (or forks over knives...). You can get it through Amazan or if you have NetFlix. It will confirm that a plant based diet is THE ONLY WAY TO GO. Believe me, watch this and it will answer ALL your questions regarding diet.
Prostate Cancer is mentioned many times and WHY it occurs...