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Our Information

My wife was looking for something on Goggle and put my name in. It came up with "PC survivor" and then gave my whole history on yananow which I have put on here as an adviser to other people. All the world can read about my problems through this illness.
I thought as a mentor confidences would apply how wrong am I?
I am due to update my history but frankly do not know if I should.
My parents are still alive and we did not tell them of my problem, hopefully no one who is computer literate will either.
Is there any way we can take it off Google?

Re: Our Information

Terry warns people not to use their full real name if they want to have confidentiality as google can find anything anywhere on the web. I don't know google very well but I would think just changing your name on your old write-ups might do it.

It is not just here it is every where on the web.

Re: Our Information

Yes. Anytime you have information published on a webpage, on any site, all of the search engines are going to find it. It will help if you change your name for future search engine indexing but the old one will stay around for a long, long time.

I'm curious, didn't you see the large warning that Terry has on the Join Us page when you signed up?

Re: Our Information


Yes I saw Terry's note but being totally stupid did not associate it with Google unfortunately.
I am going to try contacting them and asking for them to remove it.

Re: Our Information


Thanks for your answer. I doubt you'll have any luck asking Google to remove it, it's in the public domain once it's published on the internet. But post here and let us know what you find out.

And if you wonder why my name is The Stranger, this is why. Internet Anonymity.

The Stranger

Re: Our Information

I was wondering if it is alive link in which case if I asked Terry to change what it says the link would show a toned down version and I could have an alias?

Thanks for your time.
You are no stranger here, being following your comments since my start.
The problem with me was I just did not think of what was mundane to me then with all the others things I had going with my health problem especially in a foreign language (French)


Re: Our Information

Terry changed my name on the Yana site and even removed my story, but it is still on Google when I type my full name in to Google

Re: Our Information

I'm on holiday in South Africa right now with very limited Internet access - hence the delayed response.

There is nothing I can do about changing names or deleting stories until I get home. Sorry, but I did warn you!

Anything on the Internet lives forever.

Re: Our Information

I have added a bit more to the posting aboveDON'T USE YOUR NAME....... to try to expand on this subject so that men have a better understanding of the issues.

Hope this helps

Terry in South Africa

Re: Our Information

Sorry for the late reply but once the posts run off the first page I tend to not see them.

There's actually a couple of issues to something like this. First. Yes it's a live link so if Terry changes the webpage name the link in the Google listing won't work anymore. So if you remove your personal information in the story and change the webpage name you can protect yourself the way you want to. Second. Google keeps a cached version of the webpage and it stays around for a long time.

So my advice is to copy and paste your current story on yananow and remove the parts you don't want to share with the world. Then ask Terry to rename your story to a pseudonym of your choice and replace the story with your edited version. That gives you the protection you want and the Google listing of your current story will eventualy drop off when they index the current story again and don't find it. How long that will be I don't know.

Here's a link to a support page on Google that tells you how to remove a page.

Remove a page or site from Google's search results

Hopefully this will allow you to get your personal information removed from a Google search.

Re: Our Information

Thanks for that I will do as you suggest.
Maybe this foolishness of mine has helped others hopefully