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Re: What is the RIGHT Strategy or Philosophy? IMO, the WRONG Way to Look at It

I am going through my experience right now and have felt this site has abeen agreat help to me to help me identify which direction to take. In my situation, I have every option available and I am young (46). I originally assumed I would go the radiation route but in the course of investigating realized that it can be as invasive as surgery and if it does not take, then I have a harder road ahead. Surgery was the last thing on my list but as it has turned out, I think I have the best chance for long term survival/cure with surgery - and I will know exactly what type I had and truly how far it has spread afterwards. Continence and Potency are also very important but the risk is real with any treatment and cure has to be number 1 on my list. I used the spreadsheet of all previous members to help guide me initially and IMO I found surgery had a slightly better track record but also a much longer track record. It's gonna suck for awhile no matter waht i do but at least from the minute I wake up from surgery, I can focus on getting better. There is no right or wrong - it simply depends upon your attitude. This site has been a wonderful help - and I woudl not have known about "Use It Or Lose It" which I plan to follow or about practicing kegels before surgery to help make a quicker rebound after. I owe those things to this site. Knowing aobut them also gives me a little more comfort I will make a rapid and speedy recovery.