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Just a theoretical question - what will be the best for bone metastases?

XL 184, denosubab or rhenium-188-HEDP ?

also wondering if these drugs will be in future given to patients who are just diagnosed with metastatic (bone) disease, together with the initial hormones?

would that offer a chance to completely cure bone metastases perhaps?

Re: Just a theoretical question - what will be the best for bone metastases?

this article talks about Rhenium 186 (not 188, not sure about the difference) combined with chemotherapy, I assume for castrate resistant PC

I wonder if multiple treatments at once (standard hormones, chemo+Rhenium (or/and XL 184?) + perhaps some sort of immune therapy/vaccine (Provenge, Ipilumumab etc) wouldn't be an approach to achieve a true cure (or a very, very, very long remission) for patients with metastatic cancer that has spread to the bones.

Giving the various treatments "at once" could have perhaps a synergetic effect.

Re: Just a theoretical question - what will be the best for bone metastases?

Yes, the combination treatments seem to becoming in vogue. Probably due to the success with the AIDS cocktail approach of 3 or more drugs taken at one time rather than one drug until it doesn't work and then on to the next drug.

As they understand the different mechanisms of cancer cell growth better they should be able to stop each mechanism with different drugs but give you all the drugs at once which just might kill all the cancer cells.

Re: Just a theoretical question - what will be the best for bone metastases?

More conjecture additions to this, add another to the list you started: Dasatinib (Sprycel) in phase II/III now, it does build bone density(already known about), is already approved by FDA use for Leukemia patients. The trials now are for PCa useage, so you might be able to get it now under off label use (insurance won't cover it) or maybe under compasionate useage guidelines (aka Dr. Mark Moyad approach for obtaining)

Maybe estrogenic drugs, Dr. Myers points out in PCRI 2011 video, that patients using such for like 18 months, have bone density of 20-30 year people (his words). Plus such estrogenics can kill some hrpca in patients, Journal of Urology Nov, 2003 article as one reference.