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Re: YANA Experiences Pages Open Again

great news
this site is just great and myprostatesite, looks, well.. I don't want to use bad words, I think others explained already clearly how superior yana is to that site

in fact the experiences part is the most important section of Yana, by far

great to hear its back
I hope everyone will start updating their experiences again

PS to help with costs, perhaps you could introduce google adsense and start earning at least some little money with this site?

Re: YANA Experiences Pages Open Again

Thanks for all your kind words.

Paul, with regard to your suggestion concerning google adsense or other ways of raising funds, I have always resisted this approach because there is no control over what advertisements are shown. For example, there is one site which uses this approach and there are regular advertisements on the site from a man who is nothing more than a snake oil salesman in my opinion. But because his ads appear on what is otherwise an excellent PCa site, some people might get the idea that he is 'approved' in some ways.

I have also resisted offers from corporations in the PCa Industry because of the potential for interference - or perceived interference. By remaining financially independent, no pressure can be exerted and the site can be seen to be neutral.

Finance is not an issue in fact. I keep costs very low by dong most of the work myself - the really expensive part of IT work is the outrageous charges of IT people. Some folks are kind enough to make Donations, which are a great help, but which have never been a requirement for any of the work I have done, including mailing out hard copies of A Strange Place to people who don't have access to the site, or who can't print the booklet off.

The help I will need from interested parties will be input, as users of the site, into any design features that might be incorporated in what will be Yana-3 if the project goes ahead.

All the best

Terry in Australia

Re: YANA Experiences Pages Open Again


I am not sure what exact changes do you plan to make
when it comes to design, personally I like the current one.

Considering most of the users aren't teens or in their 20's, I'd say that's another reason to keep it simple, even if the site's desing might seem old-fashioned.

The experiences section has a real personal touch to it and it's perfectly well searchable. I have searched it personally many times by Gleason scores or by age.

regards, Paul

Re: YANA Experiences Pages Open Again


There is no intention to change the look or feel of the site.

The main aim is to make changes that none of you will see because it will be 'behind the scenes'. We want to make the way in which Experiences are posted and updated easier and more efficient. At present it is labour intensive and while I could cope with that quite well with smaller numbers of Experiences, as the numbers have grown - to over 1,000 now, it has become more difficult for me to deal with the entries.

A subsidiery aim is to make it easier to find all the relevant information as you say, most users are not youngsters and many have had very little experience on the Internet - hence the focus on making the site seem comfortable and, yes, as you say a little old-fashioned. What you won't see,is a 'bells and whistles site with flashing lights!

All the best
Terry in Australia

Re: YANA Experiences Pages Open Again


Yes, I agree with all our friends have said.
Those of us lucky enough to have found YANA soon after diagnosis will forever owe you a debt of gratitude.

There is no other site quite like it - and we LIKE the format here.
I too registered with 'myProstate', but after completing some details I lost interest.
It does have many 'bells and whistles' but it just isn't as warm and user friendly as this site.

For the first time in almost seven years I'm going to attempt to post a great big 'smiley' in a message:

Here goes...

All the very best,


Re: YANA Experiences Pages Open Again

Dunno how you put that Giant Smiley in, George, but thakns for that and your kind words. Hope no one else is encouraged to put too many images in:-)

Are you well enough to start sending out reminders to recalcitrant members next month?

All the best

Terry in Australia

Re: YANA Experiences Pages Open Again

Hi Terry,

Yes, bring it on! Reminders to go out when you're ready...and a reminder to myself to update my own profile here.

Don't more giant smileys - but that big one certainly brightened up the page...and it was in celebration, after all.

Best news I'd seen in months!!

All the best,



Re: YANA Experiences Pages Open Again

Terry, I am so glad you decided to continue with YANA. This was an informative place when I was 1st diagnosed and learned so much from other men walking through their journey of PCa.

Its now been 4+ since my initial diagnoses and I remain cancer free.

via Monica ~ Tom's wife

Re: YANA Experiences Pages Open Again

Thanks for "coming back" Terry we have missed you!!
I have always since my start come on the site every day gaining comfort and sometimes helping others.
Once the site had gone I felt I/we had lost something very valuable.Maybe this only applies to us sufferers but I am so glad you and the site are back.

all the best


Re: YANA Experiences Pages Open Again

What great news to return from a short trip and discover that we may once again experience YANA Experiences! I could not be happier, for myself of course, but even more for all the others - old-time YANAers and those to come who will find this site so invaluable.

I was one of the first to transfer my info to myProstate, and while I liked some of the structure (instant charts, etc.) I also found it to be so impersonal that I was not ever drawn to it.

And as for not having ads, corporate sponsorship? THANK YOU!, Terry, that is one of the great things about YANA.

Not sure how I could help, but let me know if there is anything I might assist with going forward.

Welcome back 1: from your great-sounding cruise.
Welcome back 2: for the return of YANA.

All the best from the Indiana Dunes,

Re: YANA Experiences Pages Open Again

welcome back. the personal stories have shown a great deal of variations between the different types of treatments & stages. It certanly helped me with my choice of treatment . God luck & low psa bob