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closing down

I know I am not really literate on websites etc but I can not get on with the new site we have been directed to. Why can't we get this one moving between us?
I have had so much comfort and peace of mind from here
as I am sure many more of you have. Thinking about future people in our position who need some where like this to go to. Is there no other "Terry" out there?

keep well


Re: closing down


Believe me I did try to find someone who could take over the work, but there were no volunteers. It was becoming very time consuming dealing with the thousand plus entries which were growing in numbers steadily.

I had a number of options:

1. Look for help - this failed - no volunteers
2. Stop sending our reminders and stop 'advertsiing' the site, thus reducing numbers. Not a good idea - most of the visitors start by going through the parts of the site that remain, so I felt it was important to keep telling them that it is still there.
3. Change the format of the site so that people could post directly to the site without my having to input any data. Simple in principle: difficult in practice. I had an indicated cost of $25,000 from one man. Another said it would be less than that but said probably $6,000 to $10,000. I don't have that kind of funding available. It was possible to use some existing freeware (software that does not cost aything) but that would mean that very one of the 1,000plus stories would have to be manually converted to the new format, giving me even morer work, not less.
4. Find someone else who had the funding to write 'conversion programs' and take over the stories. Problems arise here with copyright and publishing permission. Every one whose story is on the site retains copyright, as I understand the law, to their story and they have given me permission to publish their story on THIS site. I believe it would be improper (and maybe illegal) to transfer stories without clearing this issue. That is not an insurmountable problem, but I didn't find anyone who had the interest of investing in this exercise apart from one party funded by one of the players in the prostate cancer industry. I didn't like that idea.

So, all in all, I exhausted all the options I could think of and came up with what I think is the best I can do - suggest people migrating across to myProstate and using the hints and Instructions at USING myPROSTATE

If anyone has any ideas I've overlooked - please send them in. I'd love to find a way of continuing as we were with less work for me.

All the best

Terry in Australia

Re: closing down

Thanks for your reply Terry. I understand all that you say and mean and must say you and the site were invaluable to me in my time of great need.
Thanks for all you have done and I for one will never forget you and the site.