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Re: What should I delete?


I like to read and reread old postings particularly when and old PCa traveller updates.

I like looking for patterns in the various treatments men choose, such age verses psa with RP as example. I feel there is a lot to learn from the old postings

I find it of value to see how thinking changes with time and how some "treatments" fall in and out of favour, but that's me

What would be the costing to increase capacity? Is the costing prohibitive?

Joe Aust

Re: What should I delete?

Sorry if I didn't make things clear.

The stories on the main site remain on the site as long as people update at least once a year. If they don't update I review the stories two years after the last update. If I think there is value in the story I leave it for review 12 months later, noting that it has not been updated.

What I was talking about was this Forum - I wondered if anyone goes back and looks at old posts here????

The cost to expand isn't much, but it would mean that we'd have to set up a new Forum which could be linked to this one.

All the best

Terry in Australia

Re: What should I delete?

I think the old postings can go. Personally I check for current discussions and rarely if ever look to the past. The treatment stories are gold of course and should be maintained if at all possible.


Re: What should I delete?

Hi Terry,

It always seems a pity to just delete the effort previous posters have made in furthering discussions which were useful.
Is there a way in which it could be transferred to an archive or separate memory somehow ? Who knows what might be useful in a few years time ?

Whilst the Experiences/Treatments are most valuable; how do we know how much of the older posts are used ?

Some could be culled no doubt, but I think there is useful information in them.
But it would create more work for you in sorting them.

Re: What should I delete?

I generally look for new discussions. Can't remember ever looking back. I vote for deleting and you using your judgement on what to save.....if anything. When is the last time you raided your string stash?

Re: What should I delete?


I don't look at old posting. When I first started using the site I spent a lot of time in the experiences section. Since them I've followed the forums to get updates and to reach out to newly diagnosed men whose situation is similar to mine.


Re: What should I delete?

Hi Terry,

For me the older posts are not of as much interest as all the other information you have here. In a perfect world it would be nice to keep everything, but I understand there is overhead - time and effort included - in doing so. When I first found YANA I did spend a lot of time searching everything, but rarely look back now. I think the older posts have *some* value, but not nearly as much as the experiences.

Re: What should I delete?

For what it's worth I only ever look at recent posts and then selectively. I'd have thought, given the wealth of information in the personal experiences section going back several years, that cutting anything over a year old would be a worthwhile economy.

Hi from Northamptonshire!

Re: What should I delete?

Although I have read and re-read the survivors stories, I will admit that I have never had an occasion to search the posts. So, my vote would be to delete the posts.
Mike C

Re: What should I delete?

Time for my two cents worth: I follow the posts almost daily (have been out for town the last week, so catching up now). I vote for deleting the older posts; I personally do not search them. What I concentrate on are Terry's updates and the individual stories from the brotherhood, plus the recent posts.

But I'd like to add another point (plug): this is a good time to remind all that appreciate and value this outstanding YANA site that it is necessary and easy to support Terry in keeping his effort ongoing. Simply go to

Have to go walk the dogs now, but I'll send my donation when I get back, Terry.

All the best from Indiana,
Roger Carnell

Re: What should I delete?

Thanks so much to all you gents who responded. I'll be spending some of my spare time sifting through the old posts and deleting the ones that seem to have little value. My guess is that some newbies might page back on the Forum even if we old hands tend to focus more on the Experiences page. And talking of the Experiences page, I've had two 'lost sheep' returning in the past couple of weeks - men who changed their e-mail addresses so couldn't get my reminders. One man LAWRENCE BOOKBINDER is an eleven year AS man - for some reason I always think those stories are important:-)

And Don, I DO raid my string cache from time to time, I can tell you - and my plastic bag trove (although some of those are biodegradable so they crumble!) On one of our international moves, a Jamaican friend of mine who had moved to Britain gave me some valuable advice. He said that we should keep everything, throw away nothing, not even a rusty fish hook, because as sure as the sun rises, you'll find you need something when you don't have it!!

All the best

Terry in Australia