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I have just been taken to task by a man who posted on this Forum, and who authorised me to post his story on the Yana site because, he says that I ....posted personal health information on the general internet search engines.

Of course I did no such thing. It seems odd that after so many years and after so many warnings in the media about putting personal information on the Internet that there should still be this kind of misunderstanding. In case there are any others who do not understand the position, the way Internet Search Engines work is that they go through anything posted on the Internet and list what they have found in response to a search that is started. So the "personal health information" of this man was found, but not because I had "posted it on search engines", but because he had posted or authorised it to be posted to this Forum and the Yana site.

I have a large warning in the Yana site for anyone wishing to tell their story at JOIN US - PUT YOUR STORY ON YANA. (and remind them when they update their stories. )This says in part:

Material posted on the Internet is freely accessible to others through Search Engines. It is becoming a frequent practice to 'google' for personal information and you should be aware of this when posting. If this is of concern, you may wish to conceal your name by using a pseudonym or using an initial for your last name instead of your full name. If you do use a pseudonym, please use your imagination - we don't want a dozen John Does or Joe Bloggs on the site!

The same thing applies to this Forum (and any other Forum or page or site on the Internet). So please don't blame me if you've used your own name and someone searches and finds it.

I can change your name if you have posted your story on Yana and want to use another name, but I can't change your posting name in this Forum. All I can do is delete the post.

Terry In Australia