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Re: Marketing of prostate cancer therapies – what is fair comment?


It's a sad state of affairs when doctors are 'marketing' treatments to build their business rather than focusing on treating patients. I drive by a big billboard every day showing cyberknife as a miraculous treatment for prostate cancer. There's so much misrepresentation of prostate cancer and it's treatments - sometime for profit motives and other times just due to ignorance.


Re: Marketing of prostate cancer therapies – what is fair comment?

Check out online free reading of the Paact Newsletters (tab newsletters, June edition..pdf file)
Article written by Dr. Dattoli name URORAD...lovely story of how some urologists circumvent the Stark Laws and corner the market on patients, by owning their own self referred radiological enterprise, happening alot he claims. A company in Texas he mentions, sells prospective uro-docs the equipment and marketing things, and legally all you need is an assigned radiologist (generalist type), don't have to be board certified in this marketing.

Smell that going on, I pity the guys whom get a lousy radiation job or damaged from such, but making those dollars is paramount. Enjoy marketing in all aspects of PCa, it is not pretty.

Re: Marketing of prostate cancer therapies – what is fair comment?

Guess who does Dr Dattoli's path work? Why....."We have a comprehensive laboratory in our clinic...

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

It is also Dr Dattoli's Marketing Director who says:

Studies indicate that the younger a man is when diagnosed, the higher the chances are of his cancer being aggressive.

but who cannot supply references to these studies when asked - studies that cannot be found by anyone else, apparently and which contradict all other data that show that this statement is simply wrong.

It may be that the therapy being marketed vigorously by Dr Dattoli and his Marketing Director, which is labelled DART (Dynamic Adaptive RadioTherapy) is, as he claims, the best therapy for prostate cancer. I do not have the technical ability to make a judgement call on that. But then, neither can anyone else because there is no pubished data for this therapy - just the assurances that it is 'the best'.

All the best

Terry in Australia

PS - Did you look through the rest of that publication, Bob? Fame at last for me - but I'm not selling anything - just trying to give away knowledge:-)That's the PAACT JUNE 2011 NEWSLETTER - a large pdf file.

Re: Marketing of prostate cancer therapies – what is fair comment?

The link in the first post has been disabled. If you wish to try and read the chart try this Prostate Cancer Comparative Treatment Chart