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Re: Pomegranate

I use the POM pills everyday. The juice was way too expensive. I'll let you know at my next psa reading if they work as well as the juice did. The pills get shipped to me every 3 months. Hopefully they work as well as the juice did.

Re: Pomegranate

Hi Terry
Where do you get the POM pills from? I'm using the juice at the moment but find it far too expensive as well.

Re: Pomegranate

Has anyone read anything about the results of the Phase III study? There was a lot of publicity from the Phase II but the Phase III study should be completed by now and nothing was reported that I could find. It made me think that the results showed that it had no effect...but I still drink the POM juice hoping that it helps.

Re: Pomegranate

The Sloan Kettering examples were drinkng approx 250ml, one cup, per day.
The juice retails here for about $6.50 for one litre, that is 4 doses @ approx $1.63 per day...expensive? I wish I could have coffee for that money.

warwick in Oz

Re: Pomegranate

In my case ADT was $1K/mo., seeding was $50K, Ebrt, $125K, and folow up hyperbaric was $185K. I just don't see how a couple bucks a day would cause one to raise a red flag. - p(Alaska, USA)

Re: Pomegranate

I get my pills from the pom website. They are shipped from is the web address.

Re: Pomegranate

Thanks Terry

Re: Pomegranate


I have been having Pom Wonderful juice for nearly two years, but want to switch to pills to avoid the sugar.

I notice you said that you get them on the Pom Wonderful website, but when I go to the Aussie website they don't have pills on there. And if I go to the USA website, I can only enter an American delivery address.

How did you achieve the impossible ?

Brian Watts

Re: Pomegranate


The Terry who responded to you about POM pills is not me in Australia:-) I think he lives in the US - you can mail him directly at the e-mail address shown on his post.

There are ways to get US products delivered in Australia where the US supplier will only ship to US addresses. There are some Aussie organisations which us a US based organisations to collect the goods and then ship them to Australian addresses on their behalf. We found that a bit pricey. So we used the kind offers of folk we have met on the Internet to help us. We used thier adress and sent them the cost of re-sending them to us by PayPal.

Perhaps US Terry will do this for you?

All the best,

Terry in Australia