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Re: Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer Firday 2/5/11

Hi Steve - thanks for all the info. You seem as if you are very practical and optimistic abut your situation. The little I know about the available options has made me a bit concerned. I Really would prefer not to be splayed wide open. This Divinci procedure of course is performed here in NYC.

Do all types of surgery have the same ongoing side effects such as bladder control etc? What about long term ongoing pain issues where pain medication may be required on a long term basis? I am in a 12 step recovery and relapsing on pain meds after surgery is not something I would like to find myself facing, again.

Re: Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer Firday 2/5/11

Hey Pete,

I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Patrick Walsh's book "How to Survive Prostate Cancer". It provides an excellent understanding of your condition and the different methods of treatment.

PSA is only one indicator and the fact that your PSA is only a 2.6 does not mean that you do not have a cancer worthy of your attention.

I am 41 with a PSA of 4.1 and having an open prostatectomy on 2/14. I decided that I wanted the cancer out of me as soon as possible. I didn't want to spend the rest of my life having to wait for my PSA to rise. Surgery has much better results with fewer side effects when the cancer is self contained and when you are younger and in better health.

While my decision may not be the right one for everybody, I am at peace with it.

Good luck. You have caught this early. Take your time and understand your options. You are in a very good position to deal with it in a manner that suits you.

Re: Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer Firday 2/5/11

Thank you for the support.

Re: Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer Firday 2/5/11

Matt I just wanted to wish you and safe and successful surgery on the 14th. Keep us posted. Be Well..


Re: Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer Firday 2/5/11

You would have little to gain by dropping out of school at this point. Continue your Pca research.The more you learn the better questions you can ask of the experts you encounter along the way, and the more likely you will be to make a good decision for yourself and your circumstances. As a part of your research effort you may find my journal helpful; see
Regards Don O.

Re: Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer Firday 2/5/11

Thanks Don - I guess I had better get a grip and some decent rest before I begin reading and researching my PCa.