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Re: Recovering from Lupron

Aloha jwjw55427,
I was on Lupron Depot for 1 year, it took about 18 months to recover. Recovery depends on each individual. See if your doc will do Testosterone with your PSA tests. My T never did recover and is still 25% low.

Re: Recovering from Lupron

I've been on Lupron on and off for 48 months. My first break it took about 4 months till I was anyway near normal and continued to improve for 12 months until I had to go back on Lupron (and Casodex). Unlike the first time I started Lupron, It only took 2-3 weeks after I restarted treatment to quickly resume the libedo associated symptoms. On my second vacation from treatment, the recovery time was about twice as long as the first and just barely long enough to enjoy the cardnal pleasures until I needed to restart treatment because of rising PSA. I always enjoyed vacations, but vacations from the cloud of drugs beats 'em all

Bill R
Butte America

Re: Recovering from Lupron

Thanks for starting this thread because I have the same question as you. "How long is it gonna take"

I've been off of lupron for about 6 months now and am on Casodex only.

No return of libido yet. But how much is due to the Casodex?

My testosterone has recovered from a low of 20 to 280 in this time frame - Still quite low but improving.

Hoping to see more comments...

Don K.

Re: Recovering from Lupron

I had a 4 month Lupron injection in May 08 which resulted in a total treatment time of 22 months. In March 09 a T-test showed testosterone above "castrate" but still way below normal levels. In August 09, I found myself pausing to gawk at a gorgeous woman at the market. It dawned on me then that I had recovered as it had been some time since looking at women had crossed my mind.

Even though some of my treatments are permanent, I manage to get by quite well with Cialis.

Good luck, Pat (Alaska, USA)

Re: Recovering from Lupron

Thanks for that info.

I too am starting to get some faint return of libido but nothing along the lines of "morning wood."

Is does not matter which therapy one chooses - There is always a price to pay. Right?

Don K.