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Urethra Cystitus

Finally made progress (since April 2010) in identifying what is possibly happening. Several weeks ago, I suggested to my uro that I had Urethra Cystitus. She said that they (uro dept) had never heard of it, but said that was a fair description of what was occurring. She agreed to ask other treatment centers about this type of pain. I was also able to locate a fellow in England that describe the same pain and treatment attempts that had similar results.
So, hopefully when she gets back from vacation later this week, we can look at bypassing the urethra with a temporary pubic catheter. Perhaps this approach would give the urethra a chance to heal.
I'm beginning to loose faith in what I thought was fact, that after EBRT, healthy tissue will recover. I guess that the EBRT dose was just too much for my normal tissue.

Re: Urethra Cystitus

Has anyone had the suprapubic catheter procedure which bypasses the urethra?
How long does it take to get back to work after the procedure?
I'm scheduled next week for this SCP.

Re: Urethra Cystitus

Hope this helps you, Joe.

If you go back to the Website and enter suprapubic catheter in the Site Search engine, you'll find the stories of four men who have written about their experiences with this device.

If you enter supra-pubic catheter in the search engine you'll get another ten stories.

Good luck

Terry in Australia

Re: Urethra Cystitus

Aloha Terry,
If the info is in there, I could not find it, even after reading many of the stories. Just not the kind of detail info I was looking for. Nothing about the procedure, or how long before I can get back to work. I did see one reference to urine bypassing the catheter and another that provided a valve on the out end of the catheter which would make it nice to take a shower, without the catch bag.

Re: Urethra Cystitus


What I meant by my suggestion was that once you had identified the men who had used supra-pubic catheters, you could mail them with your questions. That's the way the site works!! (or is meant to!)

Terry in Australia