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Re: Meditation

Aloha Don,
A common goal of most meditation therapy is to clear the mind of all thoughts. Meditation is achieved when the mind has no thoughts. Any other goal can not be realized when you meditate with expectations. A clear mind is suppose to lead to healing from within. Most beginners want meditation to do something for them. However, this can not happen until you learn to clear your mind. People use music, chant, breathing, or other techniques to help clear the mind.
Yoga, T'ai Chi, and other routines can be used to achieve mindlessness helping the body to heal.
If a body is in pain, it is very difficult to meditate to relieve that pain. If you can clear your mind first, then pain reduction MAY follow.

Re: Meditation

Thanks Joe:

I'm starting to wonder if "meditation" is similar to modern hypnosis. Self hypnosis to be exact.

I learned this tecnique some years ago from a local doctor who used it in his practice with good success.

I was pretty scared before my first biopsy from the stories of painful experiences and elected to use this "mind control" when it was my time.

The Uro did not use any pain killers as he believed in, "Just go in and get 'er done and get back out."

I didn't even twitch each time he triggered the gun and later he told me, "You must have a very high pain threshold."

I never did tell him about what I had done.

So, how is self hypnosis related to meditation? Or is there even any connection?

Don K.

Re: Meditation

Aloha Don,
I don't have the experience to say what the relationship might be, but it does sound about the same. It has been a few years since my biopsy. I do not remember any pain. I think the doc gave me a valium to get me relaxed for the procedure. When you meditate to help with pain, you can't really ignore the pain. You do acknowledge that you have the pain and try to identify the characteristics of the pain. So, instead of trying to put pain out of your mind, you cuddle up to it and try to find out as much as you can about it. Somewhere in this process, the pain is suppose to become less of a problem. I know that several clinics use this approach to pain and report that 1/2 or more patients have less pain. Especially those suffering from the chronic pain that interferes with their lives.

Re: Meditation

Aloha Don,
Here are some lectures that got me started in meditation:
Perhaps you will also find them useful.