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I'm in a position where I can't tolerate the pain following a void and I can't tolerate the nausea after using a strong pain medication. Both are debilitating with respect to getting any work done around the ranch. The usual run of pain meds just don't work.
Only found one discussion (Fred Gillick) of urostomy and his condition seems much worse with respect to my own problems. Have any of you readers needed an ostomy for the urinary track? Nothing seems wrong with the bladder. Just when urine leaks into that first sphincter, I can't hold it and when the void stops, the pain begins along the length of the urethra.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Suprapubic Catheter

The Suprapubic Catheter appears to be a better choice and is reversible. The catheter would come out of the top of the bladder and exit the body above the pubic bone. This would give the urethra & sphincters a chance to heal, if possible.
I was also able to get a med for the nausea, have not tried it yet.
Gave another pee in bottle for culture to see what affect this last round of anti-botic had. The pain did ease a bit during the seven day dose, but is returning after a week.
I've also signed up for a 5 day/4 night session in August at the Kokolulu Farm and Cancer Retreat Center located near Hawi on the Big Island of Hawaii. They have grants available. The center tries to give cancer patients tools to deal with the after cancer problems and improve your quality of life.

Re: Suprapubic Catheter

Hi Joe,
I have now been through the bracytherapy, thanks to morphine and valium, no problems, until it was time to remove the catheter and void the bladder.
Removing the catheter was very uncomfortable, voiding the bladder was excrutiating! had me on the floor clutching my genitals and I guess, screaming.
In 30 years of martial arts I have NEVER felt a pain like that. I passed one drop of blood, then the catheter was reinserted, 5 days later it was removed, it took me near on 10 minutes to be able to get off the bed due to the pain, but, I am pleased to say I could void the bladder and was able to go home catherterless and with a box of Ural, now I am painfree and the waterworks whilst not perfect is improving. So in essence I really feel for you and perhaps have an understanding of what you are going through.
Good luck mate

Warwick from Oz

Re: Suprapubic Catheter

Aloha Warwick Ford,
Ya, to me it feels like the urethra is on fire. Clutching the penis sounds familiar, being on the floor - yes that too. I would hope that not many men need to go through that. Oh ya, I had more than a drop of blood, plus some blood clot material. Before you flush you can see the stream of blood pooling at the bottom of the toilet.
Hang in there,