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Re: 3D-CRT

Thanks Patrick
Haven't had an ultra sound yet but will ask the Oncologist about it when I see him.
Just a couple of questions if I may.
How long does this frequent urination last, it's been 4 weeks since I finished the radiation and it's driving me mad?
What sort of things can I do myself to make sure the bladder is completely empty?

Re: 3D-CRT

I hate to respond to your latest question Rene because, in my case it isn't good news.

When I had radiation seed implant in 10/07 followed by external radiation in 12/07 & 1/08 the Oncologist told me that I should see significant recovery from urination symptoms in three to six months.

I read many stories on this site and discovered that it can take as much as two years and, for me, that was accurate, although there was a bit of recovery each month during that time

I'm now two and a half years post radiation treatments and am 95% improved.

Please remember that every case can be different, but, it will get easier as time allows.

Re: 3D-CRT

Thanks Phred
Thanks for being honest, I cope better when I know what I'm dealing with.
Is there a medication they can put me on in the meantime?
Anyone else out there been through this and what are your experiences?

Re: 3D-CRT


I'm afraid I can't be much help predicting "how long it will last". Seems like it depends on individual tolerance to radiation and the amount of surrounding tissue (including the bladder) affected.

With me it started subsiding about three months after treatment only to return 2 years later in the form of strictures and an irritated bladder. After having a "mild" TURP last August, it took 8 months for the pain to leave. As of today, I can sleep 3-5 hrs. at a stretch and have my incontinence (result of TURP) return to about 95%.

Meds prescribed for urine flow were Flomax and Rapaflo (not at the same time). I have discontinued these. Meds for bladder spasms were Enablex, Detrol (both discontinued), and Toviaz.

I also went through 8 weeks of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy but don't expect any insurance help with this treatment unless this becomes a chronic problem.

I'm due for a PSA shortly and I'll post those results but so far that has been the best news.

The one thing you should know is that with time things will get better especially if you do your Kegels and other activity that increases blood flow to the area.

Good luck - p (Alaska, USA)

p.s. Also watch what you eat or drink during this time as the Urinary system is very sensitive to certain things. Your doc should have a list of what those things are!

Re: 3D-CRT

Thanks Pat, much appreciated.