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Clinical staging

My husband and I went for check up today. PSA good. Stable at .20 started at 95.3 gleason 9 stage T3b 2 years ago. Asked today why staging T3b if MRI scan just showed "small signal in peripheral of prostate with no breach of capsule." We were told that the scans and results of biopsy were studied by specialist Urologists, Oncologist and senior radiographer and they decided the staging. No option except hormone therapy. Its all very vague to me. Isn't it about time there was more specific imaging to see exactly what is going on.I just keep thinking there must be more that can be done. Why do we send men to the moon but we cant cure Cancer.

Re: Clinical staging

That's a very good outcome to date, Jennie. Long may that PSA stay low.

I understand your frustration about the vagueness of the diagnostic process. One of the most difficult things to deal with for most people (and especially people who have a background of 'precision' - like engineers) is the lack of certainty.

There seems little excuse for the medical profession not making advances in this area. I don't know if you have been following this Forum for any time, but within the last two weeks I posted an item headed Dr Strum and Combidex. This was about the scan that is a v ast improvement on existing technology but which has not yet been approved by the FDA and never will be unless enough of us PCa people get our act together.

The post tells you how to join Dr Strum's crusade to try and find a way of getting approval and I would ask you to join him - and to get as many people as you can to do so. It may not help you and your husband directly, but it would surely help those who come behind.

All the best

Prostate men need enlightening, not frightening
Terry Herbert - diagnosed in 1996 and still going strong