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type of treatment decided on.

I have just read the thread on post EBRT problems and having seen previously other major problems with this treatment and less likely hood of successful surgery later if required I fail to see why anyone would want all that when surgery is so effective.I had my surgery painlessly, had some hard work on rehabilitation but now hopefully am OK. Who wants holes in Bowels and damaged cells all around and bleeding from various places when it is not necessary.Plus extra drugs and changing them around. I know in more advanced stages this is the way forward but surely not in early PC.
No doubt you will shoot me down in my ignorance but it does not add up to me. I also get the impression that in a lot of cases like this the leader of the treatment seems to be the patient rather than the Doc.
God Bless all here


Re: type of treatment decided on.

There are a lot of misconceptions floating about concerning all treatment options. For radiation there is about a 5% chance of bowel issues and they can be severe. On the other hand incontenence is rare and ED is better than surgery. The newer forms of radiation, IMRT and Proton are more accurrate and have much less side affects than the older ERBT. This is one of the main reasons patiens choose radiation.
I have both seeds and IMRT and have had absolutely no side affects of any kind and was able to do any activity at day 2.

Re: type of treatment decided on.


Please do not use emotional language to describe treatment options and potential outcomes. And please do not deride other people's choices.

There are no right and wrong answers to the complex business of being diagnosed and choosing a treatment.

Some people are fortunate in that the side effects of their chosen treatment are managable and do nt affect their lives signficantly. Others are less fortunate and have signficant problems to deal with.

Crowing about how good your choice was for you compared to what you imply is a poor choice by others doesn't help anyone. Read DINO BROWN if you want to see just how unlucky a man can be with the choice of surgery.

Re: type of treatment decided on.

I am extremely sorry if I offended anyone with this thread. I get a lot of support and help here and in no way would I want to crow or suggest I had found the best thing around.I don't deride other people's choices and I know there is no right or wrong way forward but it seemed to me that I was reading a lot about adverse effects of some of the treatments I know nothing about which is why I said excuse my ignorance.

As I said at the start I am very sorry to offend.


Re: type of treatment decided on.

I am sure your apology is sincere and will be accepted by all.

There are generally two categories of posts on Web Forums like this.

1. The newly diagnosed man who is seeking help on how to make the best decision for himself and wants to know what other men in his position thought and did. We don't get as many posts on this Forum in this category as others because so many newbies go right to the Experience pages and can get the information there or from men who are prepared to help and guide them on a one-to-one basis.

2. The second category of men is those who may have developed a problem from their treatment (or non-treatment) or who are concerned that they may develop such a problem. They are looking for specific help from others in the same boat.

So the focus in Forums is often seen as somewhat negative and may exaggerate the actual level of problems that men experience with treatment, simply because men who are doing OK often don't post except as a response to a specific question. They merely record their good outcome in their updates.

All the best

Terry Herbert in Australia