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Re: Bladder pain after prostatectomy

Wayne, I have had that pain under the same circumstances. You can feel it build as the urine makes it's way along the urethra, then it peaks just as it starts to come out. I just stop, take a deep breath to calm down and try again. I avoid this by not letting my bladder get too full. If you are not waking naturally during the night to go, try setting the alarm. Perhaps if you empty before you get too full the pain will not occur.

Re: Bladder pain after prostatectomy

I had this problem at night, and was also. My oncologists also prescribed a muscle relaxer for my bladder, within a week I had no problems at night. When I wake I have slight discomfort. I have and do experience the pain you are talking about during the day if I have a couple of beers and can't get the bathroom as soon as I feel the urge, in one instance I did encounter the pain when walking, all was better once I went to the bathroom. My doctor stated it could be around for 6-8 months post surgery.

I also have slight incontinence, down from 4-5 pads a day to 1, my surgery was Decmber 2009. It is especially bad when playing the pipes and drinking beer, so today I have packed a few extra pads.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.