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Reduced penis size post-op

I was operated on 2 years ago by radical method by a top surgeon. My erection now is almost two inches shorter and has lost about 25% firmness. Is this normal? Why does it happen? Does it ever return to the way it used to be? A " little " disconcerting.

Re: Reduced penis size post-op


What you have described is a fairly common outcome. The reality of surgery is that most men have some kind of side effect that involves their erectile function. This can vary signficantly - some men never recover the abillity to have an erection, some can perform adequately, especially with the help of drugs like Viagra and Cialis or with mechanical help or injections like MUSE.

There is a wide variation in loss of length and girth. Several studies (and many surgeons) say that this does not happen at all: many men report that it does - with a variety of results reported.

But two years after surgery it is likely that you have recovered as far as you will go and there is unlikely to be an improvement.

Terry in Australia

Re: Reduced penis size post-op

If you think about what happens during the surgery it may make more sense. The doctor removes your prostate by cutting the urethra above and below the gland. He then pulls the penis-side of the urethra toward the bladder and stitches it back together. The missing length is equal to the length that was cut out (even though the surgeon denies this is what happens).

Paul A, USA

Re: Reduced penis size post-op

your penis length is reduced by a quarter to a half an inch-----no surgeon woth his salt wopuld tell you differently.

Re: Reduced penis size post-op


After thirteen years in the 'business'of PCa, I'd be very hesitant to make a definitive statement such as yours, simply because there is nothing definite about PCa, the diagnosis, the treatment or the outcomes - just tremendous variance. Some men, even on this thread report no change in length or girth, others say they have lost one or both. Who is to say that both statements might be true? Can it happen - yes I believe it can. Does it happen every time - no I believe it does not.

There are indeed well known surgeons who will explain precisely why they believe that surgery does not physically shorten the penis, provided that efforts are made to get the equipment working after the procedure - see Dr Catalona for example in the link PENILE SHRINKAGE:IT CAN HAPPEN

A suggested method of keeping the equipment working is here at USE IT OR LOSE IT

Re: Reduced penis size post-op

I also had surgery two years ago. And I have certainly lost stiffness, but I don't have that loss in size.

Re: Reduced penis size post-op

I will be having RALP on 1/21 and you guys have got me concerned enough about this that I am going to take measurements before and after. I will keep a log and post later.

Re: Reduced penis size post-op

Good idea Richard. Maybe 2 inches is a bit exaggerated but it's at least 1.5 inches gone to a better place. I found the surgery quick and painless and I didn't have any incontinence or recurrence ( yet ) so I guess I shouldn't complain. I do need Viagara however to function at all - and I find it's almost not worth the effort. I am pleased to report that my golf game has improved however. Thanks for the comments guys.

Re: Reduced penis size

I suspect that whether you have surgery or radiation, the penis size is reduced. Even a couple of years after EBRT/IMRT I'm definately shorter and possible smaller around. Heck, what we remember and what reality was is always difficult to reconcile. Besides, looking back is not good for you. Try to live in the present, your partner will understand.
Happy New Year,

Re: Reduced penis size

Remember the "C" in PC is the no 1 priority, followed by continence followed by erectile function. Size does not matter, being able to have successful sex does

Re: Reduced penis size

I just wanted to reply to state where I ended up after my radical prostatectomy. I had measured myself in my 20's and re-measured myself one year after my surgery with a Caverject injection. My penis is 1 1/2 inches plus shorter and about 1 inch less in circumference. Talk about trauma to one's manhood, but I'm alive and well. The wife just does not understand why I am concerned about it.