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Re: ED 12 months post RP

Thanks for your note Charles, and you did help. Honestly, I do feel lucky having Viagra induced erections early on in the recovery process, but I was looking for some feedback on the second year's healing progress; and I think you did give me some. Over the last nine months (most in year two) you have had significant healing. Agree? Would you even say you had more in year two than year one (something my doctor's office (not my doctor) said would not happen). Let me know, and thanks for your feedback.

- Tom

Re: ED 12 months post RP


I was 40 when I had RRP surgery - Gleason 3+3, T1c, negative margins, nerve sparing by Dr Eastham at MSK.

I had a lot of early progress (anything is better than where you are in the days post surgery) and decent viagra reposnse in the first year (although I'm not sure I got beyond about 80% even with viagra)and then a sort of plateau somewhere later in the second year, which perhaps was partly mentally driven. Now, around 8 months through my third year, I feel like I'm at 95-100%, without benefit of viagra. My observation for the past 8-12 months is that I've gone through steps. There would be a plateau lasting for a period of weeks (2-4 I'd say) with perhaps even some regression (again, perhaps mentally fuelled). Then, there would be a sudden huge improvement, followed by another plateau, etc. At my 2 year appointment in February, I got perscriptions for viagra and cialis. I have yet to get them filled.

So, my own take is to give it two years, then give it a third, and try (I know it's not easy) to stay positive.


Re: ED 12 months post RP


I entirely agree with Dan's comments here. Improvement comes and then plateaus, when you think it may never get better and then there is suddenly more movement as it were. I have definitely had more success over this second year post RP (Gleason 4+3, T1c, positive apical margin), and though at a different age than Dan - I'm 60 - we appear to have had similar experiences.

Like Dan says, stay positive!

Re: ED 12 months post RP

I am 48 and 15 month out from robotic surgery. My erections have gotten better since this past Sept with Viagra but nothing that last very long or is very hard. This past Tuesday I had a shot of Edex 40mcg. It is an injection needle kit in one that is put into the penis. Within 5 minutes I had the penis of a 17 year old. It was hard as a rock the only problem is that it did not go down for 3 hours and I was in a lot of pain but I am now going to go to only 10mcg and see how that works. I will update on the forum and my story when I have all of the HARD facts!!