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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy( HBOT)

Has anyone used this type of therapy to help repair soft tissue and bones that was damaged during Electron Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT). There are many examples of patients ,on the web, saying that their soft tissue and/or bone was damaged during and after the prostate was irradiated. This HBOT is supposed to rapidly help repair the nerves and blood vessels that were damaged that later caused specific aches and pains in the area of the prostate.
Medicare will pay for such treatments. I am looking into this technique as I have developed aches in both of my thigh and hip muscles as a result of the EBRT treatments. My radiation oncologist denies that the radiation was the source of the damage.

Re: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy( HBOT)

I would definitely recommend HBOT as a remedy for soft tissue damage caused by radiation. No, it didn't cure me of the pain and lethargy caused by my unusually painful and debillitating symptoms but I can say that it has helped turn the tide when it comes to getting back in the swing of things.

I don't believe that I'd be to the point of healing that I am today without it. I went in the chamber for a total of 57 treatments over a 60 day period and started to notice improvement after about 25.

On the downside, HBOT takes an emormous time commitment and has a very high price. My insurance sent me a pre-authorization letter stating that they would cover the cost but have now put the last 17 treatments under revue which could end up costing me over $50K out of pocket.

Regardless of who has to pay in the end, I must say that the staff at the treatment center was beyond fantastic. Once I became accustomed to the pressure and mask, I was able to forget my cares and indulge in a movie every evening that I was in the chamber without any disruptions or worries at all. - p (Alaska, USA)

P.s. To Jim: My radioligist was the one who suggested and recommended HBOT. He claims that I'm a rare case and that I received the standard dose of rads to my prostate. I appreciate the frankness and although I'm pretty screwed up one must remember that s**t happens!