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Re: Salvage Radiation side effects


My bum was sore during radiation, too. I assumed that frequent diarrhea was the cause. After the paper work is done, I wipe with TP moistened with Witch Hazel. This is the same thing as Tucks Medicated Pads but costs pennies.

Paul A, RI

Re: Salvage Radiation side effects

From my reading when I was comparing HIFU and radiation therapy one of the side effects of radiation can be rectal wall damage as well as anal sphincter damage. I would suggest to have another doctor, maybe a gastroenterologist, examine the rectum through a colonoscopy, actually a sigmoidoscopy, for any problems with the rectal wall and anal sphincter. The statement by the oncologist that his treatment would not cause inflamation on the rectum worries me about the honestly of this doctor since he is not going to examine that area for damage.

Re: Salvage Radiation side effects

He mentioned a colonospopy last week when I ask about the issue. He also said no doctor would perform one while undergoing radiation. I bought tucks pads today, on his suggestion, but as yet he has not done a visual exam of the effected area.

During the conversation today, he continually stressed that salvage radiation has much more persistent side effects than if I had an existing prostate. I'm getting the impression that he does not like salvage radiation, for whatever reason.

EBRT/IMRT Radiation side effects

Aloha Jim Wade,
My oncologist also insisted that what was happening was not caused by the radiation treatment, and to this day still denies his treatment caused the burn and damage to the anus. Four or five months after, my PCP could see a very irritated area just inside the rectum. I started bleeding a few months after that and one year after, an internist looked inside and diagnosed radiation induced colitis. I've had two Argon laser cauterizations, they seem to be working, however, I'm still bleeding 20 months after treatment.
The position you are in now is difficult, quiting (I tried to quit after the first 3 weeks) now may do more harm than good. Just try to get other opinions.
Faith, Hope, & Love,

Re: EBRT/IMRT Radiation side effects

Thanks guys on the information.

The rash and tenderness has subsided quite a bit. Thanks Paul, the tucks and witch hazel worked well.

Joe, after my own recent side effects, I can certainly appreciate the position you are in. What amazed me most was the Doc's complete denial that his treatments have anything to do with the problem I was experiencing. The Doc did say that I could stop treatments at anytime, but that would defeat the purpose. The lack of concern kinda shocked me and I was at a loss for words. It's almost as if he was afraid of possible litigation and would not commit to anything. I think I should have done a little more research and found a oncology Doc that specializes in PC. When I was initially scheduled for the treatments, the chief oncologist specialized in PC and that was one of the reasons I chose the facility. She has since retired and I'm not sure about the new chief oncologist.

Hope everything goes well.