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Re: Incontinence


Don't worry. Your situation is not unusual. Give it awhile and you'll see the dripping slow down. It took me 12 weeks to be able to go without a pad.


Re: Incontinence

You have your age going for you, and the catheter tube that was draining your bladder has caused everything to expand, and it needs to contract. I had a catheter in for 13 days and without doing any kegels I was fully continent at 3 weeks post-catheter. I had zero control for several days and then slowly I managed to have more urine in the toilet than in the pad. It takes time, and it can be very frustrating but things will improve.
Mike C

Re: Incontinence

Just to echo all that has been said above. Be patient. Your age is on your side. I was 60 and it took me about 4 months. Control comes first whilst lying down and then when sitting and then walking.

Ted from England

Re: Incontinence

Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement. It makes me feel better and has improved my attitude. I was hoping to return to work today, but am taking another week off due to the incontinence. As I can't be off of work for many weeks, what's the best approach for when I do go back to work--lots of pads, clamps, etc. Thanks again.

Re: Incontinence

I just spoke to a friend of mine who had his surgery done a month ago here in Canada by one of the top urologist surgeons. I had used the same surgeon a year and a half ago and had no incontinence at all and he had expected the same result - although he is 8 years older at 67 but in superb shape. Both our surgerys took less than 1 hour. He has had his catheter out for 5 days now ( our guy keeps them in for 3 weeks and a day ) and is very depressed as he has incontinence , especially in the morning. Needs 3 or 4 pads per day.
Thanks to this query I can tell him that he is not alone and needn't worry as things should right themselves in due course. It won't last forever. Guess I just got lucky in that area.

Re: Incontinence

I had my Op in early March and am still not all the way there yet. I am currently on 1 pad a day and having therapy.
I was also worried and asked here about it and got the advice you need. "Do not worry it will get better" That is good advice . Some of us take longer than others as we get older but you will get there.
good luck


Re: Incontinence

Mike C, can you explain better how you achieved continence? Right now I never need to sleep with a pad, I've got it fairly under control sitting down, but on my feet it is just very insidious, no matter how I tighten up my muscles from my knees up to my armpit, I'll still have a few drops that leak out like a leaky faucet. Thanks for saying that things will improve. It does give one a sense of hope!!

Re: Incontinence

It has been good to read this thread and hear your frank and hopeful comments about incontinence. I am currently sitting here with my folly in place.

Re: Incontinence

ScotK: I've dealt with this issue more than most as I had Brachytherapy and an RRP. I found a few useful items at Allegro:

Tried clamps, condom caths, etc and hated them (slipping off or just plain uncomfortable). Now I use Tena guards along with a super absorbent adult diaper when at work. Easy to replace the guards and the diaper catches any overflow. At home I use regular baby diapers - cheaper.

I only sweat it a bit when I'm at work, Fortunately, not an overly physical profession. I think those of us who experience this are hyper-aware of being in public with incontinence when most of Joe Public doesn't notice and could care less. At home I use regular baby diapers - cheaper.

Scheduled for a AUS in about 4 mos as soon as docs are confident the scarring has matured around my bladder neck.

Good luck.

Dean in Florida