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Re: Have positive margin to Perineural Nerve on post RP......adjunctive treatment

Many thanks all.

I keep thinking that I had mentioned it but my pre op biopsy showed a 7 (4+3) but I don't know post op. I will detail during week. The surgeon was confident that we would get it all so a bit shocked at the news so did not really take in everything too well.

I am 10 days after op and 3 days post catheter. I have a new found respect for the bladder. I seem OK when lying and sitting mostly but walking and standing is a lottery. It seems if my bladder is full and I have the erg to go it seems easier to stop at least for the walk from couch to toilet. When I do empty it I then have trouble stopping the dribbling until I lie down.

The wounds are healing fine and are of little consequence.

Also want to think about the erectile piece but one step at a time I guess. He did save part of one nerve and he said it would take at least a year before it would come back.

I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful boys 5 and 7.

Again thanks all I will post more info when I get the report this week.