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Re: Anyone Listening?

Personally speaking I can't think of a higher calling then for someone like you to manage this website. This site that you have provided and maintain is appreciated beyond your imagination. I just received an email from a guy in my state who had read my testimonial and asked me for any other advice that might help as he prepares for his surgery in July. He is having the same doctor at the same hospital and he was deeply grateful for your site just as I was a year ago.
Thank you for your efforts and your advice and your concern!! Good luck with your personal battle. Sincerely, Gary

Re: Today's "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink

Hi again Terry,

Having been diagnosed very recently, I have a voracious appetite for information and have visited hundreds of sites and medical journals seeking answers to my questions. Along the way I found YANA. It has provided, perhaps, the best information I could hope to find with all the information and links you have established.

More importantly, the mentorship aspect of your site is to me, the icing on the cake. Since joining, I have received support offline by email from four members and started a ongoing dialogue with two of them. One is post treatment and one is in my boat awaiting treatment. Both these individuals have been enormously supportive and the willingness to share has been most gratifying.

You may wonder if you are doing all you can and if the site is serving the broad interests of the membership, but from where I stand, a tip of the hat comes from Ontario Canada to you. YANA is so well put together and well maintained!

Thanks so much for your dedication and effort on everyone's behalf.

Bill Short
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Re: Today's "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink

Sorry, Terry. I do find the link useful although I don't find that site very user friendly. I first went to it when you gave Paul A and myself the Krongrad story on PSA that didn't go down after robotic surgery, which is what happened to Paul A and me.

But I have not found any site like YANA. The mentor stories and the Forum are a huge resource and in my opinion the best there is. Your quip, "I also think it's a good sign when men get too busy to check up on all the PCa news - it shows they're getting on with their lives and getting the disease into some kind of focus:-)", is true of me though. Despite continuing ED after my partially successful (partially failed?) robotic, and PSA still coming out of my remaining bit of prostate, you know I just feel it is best to get on with life. I do get the Prostate Specific Anxiety just before each test, but mostly I don't even think about it anymore. So I don't feel motivated to keep checking up on the latest news or theories. If my guy goes bad again, I'll look around and consider how - or if - to deal with it. Meanwhile I watch and wait like I could have been doing without going through an incomplete op. (Incomplete, that is, apart from all the side effects!)

Like I say, for me the most valuable thing is to read all the other guys' experiences and there is nowhere better to do that than here, mate.

Ted from England