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Incontinence procedure

just seen my specialist and got good news on my procedure which I will update my mentor notes with. However I am still struggling with incontinence after seven weeks when walking or working.
I live in France and told the doc I was doing my Keagels he said that is old fashioned now and has put me down for twenty sessions of (French ):-(electrostimulation to re educate the pelvi-perineale.) Anyone had any experience of this procedure? Thanks

Re: Incontinence procedure

You are only 7 weeks out. My doc told me that 12 weeks is typical before regaining continence. Don't be in such a rush. If you only experience problems while active, it's a sign that you are on your way to recovery. Give it a chance for a few more weeks before resorting to electro-stimulation.

Re: Incontinence procedure

Hi Paul,
thanks for that, it is encouraging to know how others go on.The thing is my Doc says I need it as I should be further on than I am. So I will bow to his experience. I just wondered if anyone had had the stimulation and if it was a big help.

thanks again.


Re: Incontinence procedure

Hi David

I agree. Do not rush it has only been e few weeks. As I said to you in my previous e-mail it took me nearly a year to regain 95%

You need patience friend!!!

Re: Incontinence procedure

David, I believe the electro stimulation is an effort to get the muscles to contract by electrically stimulating them (sounds straight forward doesn't it).Cynic that I am, I see this as perhaps paying for something that you can do for free(and I don't mean placing a couple of wires on your groin and plugging into the power outlet). I came across this brochure which I feel is very valuable and explains the Kegals and what they do very well.


Re: Incontinence procedure

Thanks for that Bill I have downloaded the article and will use the procedure.I will let you know how I go on with the therapy as it costs me nothing here in France.
As soon as one is declared with a life threatening illness everything is free. I look at the health service in the UK and wonder why they can't do the same. Admitted the french pay in taxes but you only have one life and they seem to find the resourse to give you every benifit.



Re: Incontinence procedure

Hi David, I to suggest being patient. When my cathater was removed I was like an uncotrolled open fountain. I thought I would never have control. I kept up with the excercises, went to the physical therapist and after seven weeks I am at 95% controll or better. I first got better at night. Then gradually as the day progress I got better. My biggest problem was during long walks. If you have seen improvement keep it up you can do it.