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Re: psa

I don't know why you'd want to avoid coffee and exercise before a PSA test even if you still have your gland. If the prostate is truly and completely gone, then it shouldn't make any difference. No prostate, no PSA (except for the tiny amount produced elsewhere in the body). Anybody else, am I missing something here?

Re: psa


I have no clue what the real truth to your answer is, but I'll offer what I'd do myself.

Knowing how serious the results of a PSA test is after surgery I would NOT have sex or exercise for 72 hours before a PSA test, just to be sure.

Coffee and Alcohol is suppose to be an irritant so I'd leave those alone for at least 24 hours.

If your husband had robotic surgery then sometimes a little prostate tissue is left so being "over" careful might be the best way to go. Why would I be over careful, imagine getting a high PSA result and the "what if" questions you'd have later, that's why I'm always more careful than I should be.

Then I'd talk to the Doctor when I seen him for further guidance.

Re: psa

The discouraging of sex and some forms of exercise (such as bicycling)are discouraged in order that a true PSA result is obtained before testing. This is because massaging the prostate can stimulate the release of PSA into the bloodstream and elevate the reading. It is for this reason that a DRE should not be performed before drawing blood for a PSA test. However,once the prostate is removed there should nothing to be stimulated and nothing to release these things will not affect the reading.Good luck with the test.