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Re: Yana Site - Possible Transfer of Ownership

I'd hate to see this site disappear. I don't have the time or the energy to add this responsibility to my schedule or I would take it over.

Re: Yana Site - Possible Transfer of Ownership

What would be involved with taking over the site? Can you give us a list of what you do and what costs are involved?

Re: Yana Site - Possible Transfer of Ownership

Sorry that you won't be able to continue, your site has been the greatest part of this whole episode of my life. The help & info I receive here is invaluable and hopefully, will continue far into the future. I spend a lot of time "playing" on the computer and could donate some time to this project. No knowing exactly what's all involved, it would be hard to commit, but I'm willing to help anyway I can.

Re: Yana Site - Possible Transfer of Ownership

If the issue is money, just let us know. I have donated in the past and plan to again, but you need to let us know if this is part of your reason.

I check almost daily for updates and ideas. I will be lost without this site!! I work fulltime and cannot take it over or I would.

Re: Yana Site - Possible Transfer of Ownership

Thank you to those of you who have responded, both on the Forum and by e-mail, for your kind words and for your offers of help. It is not a question of money, so don’t worry yourself about that.

One of the things I did after my diagnosis was to re-think my priorities and although I want to help people touched by PCa, they are not at the very top of my Bucket List : -) What I have coming up is essentially an issue with those who are high on my list – my family. If all goes well, I’ll be right: if not, then I wanted to try and make sure that there is someone who I can hand the Yana baton on to. Some folk have come forward who should be able to continue IF I have to leave off.

Again, my thanks to all of you – I’ll let you know how matters progress.

Re: Yana Site - Possible Transfer of Ownership

Terry -

I can't let this thread go without adding my appreciation for what you do.

10 days ago I had a RRP done at Sloan-Kettering by who I feel was the best surgeon for me. This website played a role in leading me there, and I will be forever thankful.

I'm also a computer geek - so in the event there's some help needed, I can probably help. I run a software business so I have waves of extreme activity, but overall I could certainly contribute.


Re: Yana Site - Possible Transfer of Ownership

Terry,remember, YANA!

I wrote a reply to your post, but I think it got lost in the ether, so here's another!

You are a very wise man, Terry, and you have kept many of us on an even keel so it would be great if you could keep us updated, even if you can no longer run the site.

Ted from England

Re: Yana Site - The Future isn't gloomy

Thank you Ted I’m not too sure about being a wise man though. I think many might regard me as a wise guy rather, but it is nice to think I have fooled some of you :-)

I’d like to clear up a few points, given the dismay expressed by many who have mailed me.

1. There is little likelihood of the Yana site disappearing. Worst case scenario is that it would be static – no new stories, no updates, no changes. This is the position with regard to the late Robert Young’s wonderful Phoenix 5 site. His widow decided to keep the site as a memorial to Robert. Some of the information on the site is dated now, some of the links don’t work, but the really important material is still there.

2. This worst case is unlikely to occur. As things stand at present, if I could not manage the site full time, I might well convert the Experiences pages to BLOGS so that men could post their own stories and update them without my having to be directly involved. I have avoided that step for the moment because I feel a responsibility for ensuring that the information in anyone’s particular story is relevant and not misleading. Comment and response to individual mails addressed to me might be limited or non-existent.

3. If I could not spare any time for supervision even, there are at least three solid options for others to take over the site and keep it going. Of course, in such a case I could not guarantee what the future shape of the site would be, but the people and organizations who have contacted me have all been very positive about the site and I guess that means they would aim to continue it as is.

As things stand at present, the future of the site seems assured and the future for me and the family is looking less bleak, but we won’t be out of the woods for some little time yet – hopefully to find a peaceful little glade rather than a cliff face :-)

Again my thanks to all who have mailed me on and off lists. I really do appreciate your kind words and offers of help.

All the best

Terry in Australia

Re: Yana Site - The Future isn't gloomy

Hi Terry,
Just wanted to add my Best wishes for whatever you decide.

I'm useless with computers, but trust you are able to sort out a way forward to your satisfaction.

Your personal touch is of course, very much appreciated.


Re: Yana Site - Possible Transfer of Ownership

Terry, We all want what is best for you and the valued site, it is reassuring that you are confident there is a solution, I'm sure that there are many 'out here' who would be delighted to assist in whatever way we could.
best regards chris nz

Re: Yana Site - Possible Transfer of Ownership

I am glad to hear that things are working out for you. You are a valuable asset to this site which has become a valuable asset to all of us. All the hard work and many hours that you spend in research and attending to this site has rewarded all of us, by helping each of us cope with the difficulties of being diagnosed with PC and often not having any support from our original doctor. I hope that you have experienced many rewards and satisfaction throughout these many years for your hard work for this valuable prostate cancer resource.
We will not likely ever know the amount of work that has gone into running this site and the toll it may have had on you, but we thank you from the depths of our hearts. There are many of us who would gladly help out any way that we can, all you need to do is ask.
Thanks again Terry for this site and all the work that you have put into running the site.