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Buying Viagra Online

I am 10 month post op robotic prostatectomy. Not fairing very well in the erection department. I just got a vacuum device and was advised to use it in conjunction with Viagra. Five 100 mg tablets cost me $75.00. I have seen sites that offer the product for a much lower price. Some require a Doctors Rx, others don't. I am more wary of the ones that don't require a written Rx but am a little skeptical either way. A Canadian pharmacy offers generic Viagra from India for about $5.75 each and brand name Viagra from the European Union for about $12.50 each (not a lot of savings here).

I once saw a TV documentary about fake pills that essentially contained the material that wallboard is made from and were such good copies that even trained pharmacists were easily fooled. I don't want to waste my money.

What experience have any of you guys had buying Viagra online? Your input would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Buying Viagra Online

Jim -
I'm eight weeks out of DaVinci surgery and am very thankful that Levitra helps me 100%. I purchased generic Levitra (~$7 ea. w/shipping) through Canada Meds from India and have no problems ... works as good as the expensive ones (~$17 ea.). I've been using Canada Meds for about five years and in each instance have never been disappointed. Can't vouch for some of the other Canadian companies, but I have complete faith in Canada Meds.
Good Luck into the future!

Re: Buying Viagra Online

Is there a web site to purchase the Levitra?


Re: Buying Viagra Online

Here' the website I've purchased from: . Good Luck .... Go Flyers! I'm from Philly, moved to Florida 30+ years ago!

Re: Buying Viagra Online

I have used generic viagra from adc ( at .58 per dose with no problems. Same side effects, and same effects. It works just as well as the real thing.

Re: Buying Viagra Online

I'll back up what Phil says. Alldaychemist has a very good reputation among prostate cancer patients who have used them. Because of patent problems generic cialis cannot be imported into the US, but there is no problem with generic Levitra and generic Viagra imports. We in Australia have no problems with bringing in any of the three. Although ADC asks if you have a doctors prescription they seem not to worry if you have or not. I have had fellow patients in the US tell me they have obtained the Cialis generic by telling ADC it was for consumption outside of the country(holidaying in Mexico perhaps?)and this seems good enough for them. They use various Indian manufacturers as suppliers (Ranbaxy, Cipla, Ajanta)and have varying prices for the drugs (58c to $2-00) depending on which manufacturer's brand requested. Ranbaxy for instance, is a worldwide supplier of many generic drugs and have FDA approval to supply their medicines into the US. Quite a few of Ranbaxy's generic medications for various ailments have Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration)approval and are subsidized under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. Ranbaxy's Viagra, Cialis or Levitra generics sell for about $2-00 per pill at ADC and I believe freight to the US runs at about $25-00. It is my understanding that these are the exact same drugs supplied to the Canadian distributor.

Re: Buying Viagra Online

am 4 mos post op from RALP. Have been taking prescribed viagra, with only minor improvement in ED. Can anyone give me some help on 1) less expensive substitutes and 2) are cialis and levitra more effective? Thanks Bob

Re: Buying Viagra Online


You might it useful to read the piece titled USE IT OR LOSE IT

Re: Buying Viagra Online----

Check out CanadaDrugs.Com----they have a global warehouse with generics from all over the world. WE