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I thought it was all going so well!!
Had my surgery three weeks ago today. No pain at any time and the catheter out seven days after the operation. Came away with the feeling of a kick in the backside and not easy to sit down but, apart from that not too bad. Started with the pads and in three days was able to be dry during the night and if sitting. If I stand or walk different story, I seem to have a faulty washer on my tap as I just dribble uncontrollably.
I have read some about incontinence on this site and else where but finally gloom is setting in and I am struggling to keep cheerful with my sore leg tops and cracked scrotum.
One final thing though tonight in the bath my Penis looked a little more respectable. I thought it had gone on vacation. So if you feel bad about incontinence remember others do as well.
Thnaks for reading my drivel I had to talk to someone about how I feel.


Re: Incontinence

Hang in there, you have time to recover and if you don't there are options. I was incontinent for about a year and a half before I had a AUS installed back in October and I am delighted with the results. I am dry and no ones knows but me. While you are waiting, maybe you would like to try what I did to keep dry. I used two pads, one was an adult diaper, Depends makes them but I found the ones from Sams club worked as well. I used the adult diaper with a mens shield (a smaller pad that fit inside the diaper.) I washed each time I changed pads and used a moist wipe when I wasn't at home. One diaper would outlast several pads and I could keep the pads in my back pocket so no one ever knew. I am a line dancer and danced every week for about a year without an accident. Good Luck

Re: Incontinence


My surgery was four weeks ago. Catheter came out 8 days later. My situation is the same as yours. Little to no problem sleeping or sitting, but standing or walking starts the leaking. A friend who had his surgery last November counsels me to be patient. He was pad free in about two months and has since gone back to being an avid bike rider.


Re: Incontinence

I am 47 and had the robotic surgery in July. After my catheter was removed I had very little bladder control and was going through diapers like a new born. After about two weeks of this I also becames alittle depressed. It took me 78 days to be totally free of diapers or pads. Make sure you are doing the keggles I must have done a million of them but it is 8 months later and I rarely leak except of course when I get frisky with my wife. Hang in there it will get normal again!!

Phila, Pa

Re: Re: Incontinence

Thanks for your help on this one Pat I was getting down through it especially as I get so sore with being wet.
Hopefully I will get there



Re: Re: Re: Incontinence

You will get better. Took me 4 months.

Ted from England

Re: Incontinence

Hey All,
This is great info, and good to see that I'm not out of the norm. I'm 51 and an avid runner. I'm 7.5 weeks post-op (DaVinci surgery) and recently (last week) could start feeling my bladder getting "full" if I am sitting or laying down. When I stand up, I must press my hand against my pelvis all the way to the bathroom or there is no use going into the bathrrom. I am wearing the depends and a pad infront of that and it works very well. I am also working the Kegels to rehab the pelvic muscles. I think they're working because I can stop the stream several times now, when I do get to the bathroom, where I couldn't at all before. My doctor told me I may have to deal with this for 6 months. (Well, he actually said if it lasts for 6 months we have a problem to look into) As long as I see progress, it should be ok.