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ED and ADT

Hi friends:
I'm 44 yo, 3 months post-rp, gleason 7, my current PSA is 0,61. About to begin EBRT and ADT (Zoladex + Casodex, probably during 6+ months). As ED is still an issue (slowly improoving with Viagra), I'm wondering how can I continue trying during ADT, as my testosterone levels will fall to zero. Will Viagra work ? Should I try the shots, or VEDs ? Thinking in terms of "use it or loose it", what cat I do during ADT ? Thanks for any replies.

Re: ED and ADT

Aloha Paul,
For the year that I was on ADT, and to this date, It is really difficult to continue sex. Just no desire, could not get it up, did not try any of the drugs for ED, just did not make time for sex. I'm still having issues with a somewhat painful response. At least now, when I wake up erected, it does not hurt, unless rubbed.
Going on ADT is rough. Some how you & your partner need to focus on other things besides your penis.
Faith, Hope, & Love,

Re: ED and ADT

We have a lot in common besides a name. After a failed RP, I was on ADT and radiation, too. I had no desire at all while the ADT was in my system. There may be some truth to using Viagra-like drugs to keep the blood flowing even though you won't want to have sex. I didn't do that and I may be paying the price now. None of the three drugs works for me. I'm starting to use a vacuum device but I'm having little luck so far. My doc wants me to try the needle in the penis trick but I refuse to stick myself.

There are a few Pauls here. You may want to add an initial to distinguish between us.

Paul A. RI, USA

Re: ED and ADT

Paul (kullack@), I have had the surgery but no follow up treatment. In my opinion, the ED is not such a big problem. Don't get me wrong - wish I didn't have it! But with a willing and inventive partner it is amazing what you can get up to and what pleasure is available. There is plenty left - it's just different.

The bigger problem would be that loss of libido that Joe talks about. All the chemicals, pumps and jabs in the world won't get the old man up if there is no spark.

Best thing for you is to read all the EBRT/ADT guys stories and really work with your partner on this libido issue BEFORE the process. The great news is like Joe tells you, it will come back. And like I say, there are soooooo many other things you can do. This can even bring you and your partner closer together And you have the great advantage of age on your side. (If we can talk about "advantage" when you get this crappy illness at 44 - but I hope you know what I mean).

Ted from England

Re: Re: ED and ADT

Hi PaulMy husband has been on Zoladex for 9 months and his libido is totaly nil. Its been a very difficult journey for both of us after having a beautiful intimate sexual relationship. Viagra does not work without libido.We have come a long way and I agree with Ted. We are just starting to explore a new sexlife. Is not the same but we are looking at it as a new adventure. We are lucky that we are in a very loving relationship and truly love each other. I can imagine if a couple are a bit "rocky" it would test their relationship. Zoladex stinks but I would rather my husband be here to enjoy other things n life than be dead.

Re: Re: Re: ED and ADT

I totaly agree with you, a loving couple can find other ways to express sexually. My concern is how to keep blood flowing in the penis during treatment, so it don't get atrophied. After ADT is over, one will gradually recover libido, and ED recovery must continue.

Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction


I don't know if you have seen the two pieces on this subject that I posted on my site?

They are WHAT'S SEX GOT TO DO WITH IT? By Susan Crandell and MECHANICAL FAILURE By Stephan Wilkinson - her husband, written after his surgery for prostate cancer.

The style might not be veryone's cup of tea, but I found both pieces well written and positive.

All the best

Terry in Australia