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Re: Re: Re: A Sad Tale

I note that you had a tiger removed. May I ask your initial gleason, psa and staging.My husband has a tiger of a gleason 9 psa 93.5 stage t3b. He has been told there is not a surgeon in the uk who would operate on him. When did you have your surgery.Many thanks

Re: Re: Re: Re: A Sad Tale

Hi Jennie,

My "tiger" wasn't as bad as your husbands. My PSA was 2.6, Gleason 4+3. No extra prostatic extensions and clear margins after RP. Staging was upgraded after surgery to T2c. Advice I received (finally) was that the cancer was not one to leave alone, that it would spread eventually. Since PC killed my father after extensive treatment, I did not want to take the chance.

I suppose I should post my story here on YANA

Re: Re: Re: A Sad Tale


Good catch, thanks for your reply. This shows you can't necessarily trust any source. I went to the ACS website and after reading what they said it bears out your comment.

The ACS 2008 estimates
186,320 new cases of PCa in the US
28,660 men in the US will die of PCa
Which is 15.38%

I agree, we need more research and better educated doctors on prostate cancer. Hopefully you're doing well and will continue to do well.

The Stranger