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Re: Re: Re: Re: Upcoming Robotic surgery

Thank you for responding. I think i will take that 1st week off and begin working the 2nd week as you suggest. Even then I expect be a little uncomfortable and probably tire easily. But I will have the freedom to lay down and rest if needed working from home.

Re: Upcoming Robotic surgery

I had robotic almost 18 months ago. Nothing was felt so far as DRE before surgery and my Psa at almost 60 was 3.9. Recovery was very good with minimal blood loss (70 mls) and continence was regained by about the 8 week mak. Despite figures suggesting reasonable expectations going in, nerve sparing was not possible as the tumour was extensive within the gland, thus ED recovery is complex. PSA has been undectable (less than 0.01) Now having said all that and despite my good outcome to date,I agree with PaulA, Chris and Ted. Knowing what I know now I believe I would opt for open surgery (probably with the same surgeon. There really is not a lot of difference in recovery time and I believe there is an advantage in feeling the prostate as the surgeon removes it. If your surgeon prefers one particular method over another I would ask him why and what are the advantages of his preference.
Best of luck with the op,

Re: Upcoming Robotic surgery

That will teach me to read the post more carefully.......I didn't notice that the opening post was dated last October. Mind you I still stand by what I said.
"Elbert West"
...........recovery from Da Vinci in most cases is pretty quick. In my case I was up and about the day after surgery, home in 48 hours, catheter out in six days. Lightly chipping golf balls after 3 weeks and back playing golf at 6 weeks. I kept my business closed for 8 weeks though as some of my work often involved heavy lifting. Good luck with the op,

Re: Upcoming Robotic surgery

Good luck with your op, Elbert. With a positive attitude like yours you will do well.

You must remember though, that you are going to have MAJOR surgery and a powerful anasthetic. Your job is mostly mental, sedentary work it seems from what you say, and so perhaps you will be able to work from home quite soon after.

However do not be surprised if you just do not feel like doing a darn stroke. You will have a catheter and bag for at least the first week. You may not sleep the whole night through and therefore doze lots during the day either in bed or the easy chair. You may feel very weak. You may feel psychologically fragile.

I suggest you schedule the first week off completely and leave even week 2 and possibly 3, open-ended. Advise your work colleagues that you will have to play it by ear. I also work from home, and it seems I was making phone calls and arranging things to do with my business during the first 2 weeks - only to discover later that I did not remember what I had done.

Ted from England

Re: Re: Upcoming Robotic surgery

Excellent info and excellent advice. Thank you.