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Re: Radiation fo young men?

Hi Terry,
I don't think I'd be considered old at just turning 52, and opted for the removal surgery. I just had it done 17 days ago, and have had my catheder out for 6 days. I have no incontenence issues, and have already evidence of potency returning. I believe it is all in the skill of the surgeon and whether or not he is at a skill and knowledge level to pull it off. My wish for anyone finding themselves in this decision boat would be for them to ask thier surgeon if he is familiar with the "Walsh" nerve sparing procedure. (I had a gleason 7 at time of surgery). I was lucky enough to have Dr Walsh do my surgery, and I could not be in any better shape after only 17 days. If anyone is in the decision making process, please check out this book of his. Dr Patrick Walshs' " A guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer. Could save all for you.

Re: Re: Radiation fo young men?

Dave I am happy to hear about your successful surgery. You are correct in saying that the experience of the surgoen is of utmost importance, but, the forever "but", he/she cannot gaurantee success. Unfortunately almost everything concerning PCa is grey. As so often stated, the only thing that is 100% sure in PCa is that there is nothing 100%.

The surgoen might have saved the nerves, but the patient does not have a reasonable erection. The nerves might have been damaged during the proceedure. Whatever the primary treatment is there could by side effects that will effect ones QOL. I advice men and their partners about the possible side effects and that they be prepared to face another possible bump in the road of life. If one understands what might be the easier it will be

Lenny Hirsch
In Israel out of rocket range

Re: Radiation fo young men?

hello, I would appreciate more input from those who have had either the seed implants or laprascopic robotic surgery as those are the 2 options for me. I am currently 52, most recent PSA of 4.6, up from 3.5 back in March 2008, Gleason 7 (3 + 4) and 5 of 12 biopsies were found to be cancerous back in October 2008. I am heavily leaning towards the seed implants, but still uncertain that I shouldn't just choose surgery? Back in early October when I received the biopsy results I was told I needed to do something within the next 3 months. Regards, Ron

Re: Re: Radiation fo young men?


Read about my adventures with robotic surgery:

Obviously, I cannot recommend it.

Paul A. RI, USA

Re: Radiation fo young men?


It seems you may not have explored the site fuly. SURGERY - LAPAROSCOPIC ROBOTIC and RADIATION - BRACHYTHERAPY list the expeiences of men who have chosen these two procedures. You can read them and mail the men if you want more information from them.

All the best

Terry in Australia

Re: Radiation fo young men?

Ron ... Terry is right, read the stories. These procedures affect people differently.

I had seed implant OP surgery in 10/07 with follow up external beam radiation in 12/07 & 1/08.

With absolutely no symptoms prior to the implant, I continue to experience urinary and ED problems but slow, steady improvement is noted.

PSA in 9/07 = 115. PSA in 7/08 = 3.

I don't regret having it done but didn't expect the lingering side effects.

Good luck in whatever you choose.

Re: Radiation fo young men?

Thanks Terry & Phred, I am reading them all now.

Phred, do you now personally wish you had chosen the surgery?