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pathology second opinion


This is in reference to an old post on the YANA site 6/15/07 in concerning second opinion pathology. You listed several pathologists and I was wondering if you knew anything about Jonathan Oppenheimer. I had a biopsy done at my local hospital, Indiana University Medical Center, and the pathology was performed or signed off by Pathologist Dr. David Gringnon of the IU MED Center. My report stated that the case material and the preparation for the biopsy report were performed by the staff pathologist. I am not sure if that meant Dr. Gringnon or if he just signed off on the report. I think Dr. Gringnon is considered an expert in his field. I am trying to decide if I should have my slides reviewed by another pathologist for a second opinion. I am considering Oppenheimer for that opinion. Any comments you have would be helpful.

Re: pathology second opinion

Wiliam, I live in the UK and know nothing of the names you mention. But I don't care who they are. Just go and get a second opinion. Always get a second opinion. There is so much about our ailment which is subject to interpretation. Always ask someone else.

Ted from England

Re: pathology second opinion


Bot Dr Grignon and Dr Oppenheimer are listed as among the best pathologists in the US - the detail is on this page RECOGNISED EXPERT PATHOLOGISTS

As Ted says, it is always best to get a second opinion and I would personaly choose Oppenheimer because he seems to be very concerned about over-diagnosis - see his BLOG

All the best

Terry in Australia