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Hair Loss

I have been on ADT for 18 months. I had IMRT 14 months ago and lost most pubic hair right away. It grew back thinner. The ADT has caused my head hair to thin out and lost most arm and leg hair, I also gained 18 pounds. I am noticing loss of the pubic hair again. I go off ADT Feb 09, if all goes as planned. What can I expect when/if my testosterone production returns about my hair loss and weight gain?

Re: Hair Loss

I was on ADT for only 6 months and I saw the same side effects. My last Lupron shot was in May and my testosterone is back to near normal level. My body hair is still thin though. I exercised my butt off and only got about half of the weight gain off. I mentioned in a different post that I opted for liposuction to get rid of the rest of the fat.

Paul A. USA

Re: Hair Loss

Aloha AlanJ,
Wow! You got hit kinda hard with the hair loss & weight gain. I finished 1 year of ADT June 08, finished EBRT/IMRT Oct 07. Only where I shaved (to see the top tatoo) did I notice that the hair did not grow back until mid Dec 07. I did not gain any weight, but did get the pot belly. Not very easy to work that off.