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Re: post di vinci operation treatment

Fred, I agree with Paul A. You seem to have had an excellent outcome from surgery. Like Paul, my Da Vinci was a failure in that it left me with some prostate tissue. My PSA at last test was 0.81. It has been stable at that figure and if it stays at that I am doing nothing else. You can imagine that if I got PSA "down" to your figure of 0.1 I would want to jump for joy.

I think you should get your strength back and your continence before you even think of doing anything else, and monitor your PSA over a period of time. I am not a doctor and I know that in America many doctors believe in a blitzkrieg approach with high Gleason. But your margins were negative. And Fred, with due respect to you, you are 76 mate. I think you are old enough not to be rushing into things!

Ted from England

Re: Re: post di vinci operation treatment

Fred understand what Ted has written. Whatever treatment you might choose will have side effects that will harm your quality of life. If or when your psa starts rising you might consider doing something about it. Why treat something that might not even be there?
BTW the lowest my psa has been for the last 7 years after RP has been 0.2 and the highest 5.1.

Good luck


Re: post di vinci operation treatment

If you are even remotely considering hormone treatment please get Dr Patrick Walsh's book 'Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer' from your local library and read his recommendation relative to when one should begin ADT. He is the father of 'nerve sparing surgery'

Cape Cod,Ma.