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Re: Eligard (Lupron)

Aloha Don,
I was on Lupron Depot 3 mth shots for one year... worst year of my life ... is very appropriate statement. Last shot to hips was April/08 ... still have minor pain, both hips, gets worse with weather changes. Was able to get back to exercising in June/08. Did not gain weight, did get the pot belly, still have the pot belly. Gradually getting my stamina back. You are right ... it will be a tough choice if ADT is recommended again. At this point, I'm praying that the cancer is gone....and will not need to make that choice.
Don ... you are not alone on this one.
Hope you have a partner ... very difficult to do this by yourself.
Our prayers are with you, hope, love, chin up,

Re: Eligard (Lupron)

Don, I suggest that you not waste engery in worry about the IF SYMPTON. "If" can play havoc in our day to day lives especially in our on going fight against the big C. Have a look at my story in the Mentors list under RP. For nearly eight years I have been on Casodex 150mg intermittent therapy with next to no side effects.

If and when you should need to go back to some type of treatment look at all options. It is easy for the doctor take the easy way and recommend ADT. He does not have to live with it. Either way you are going to get a cure, whether be it ADT, Casodex or DES. There are so many things in the pipe line that something must come up to "save" us

Get on with your life and live for to-day

Lenny Hirsch

Re: Eligard (Lupron)

Hi Lenny,
Let me get this straight. Your claim is that side effects are mitigated by the type of medication. I was under the impression that side effects were due to lack of testosterone and the individual's reaction to chemical castration. - p (Alaska, USA)

Re: Re: Eligard (Lupron)

That was my understanding as well.

Paul A.

Re: Re: Eligard (Lupron)

Hi Pat
The lack of testosterone is caused by the medication. Lupron and Zoladex stop the production of testr. Without the medication there would be no side effects, at least not as strong as as one on ADT can experience