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Re: Video Website


I watched two of his videos, prostate screening tests and managing an abnormal psa or digital rectal exam. I liked them a lot, he was open and honest and didn't have a tilt either way in his presentation. So I'd recommend a link to at least those two videos and will let others make a decision on a link to the site in general. As for the location of the link maybe on the home page links page.

Here's a link to the videos I watched.

prostate screening tests

managing an abnormal psa or digital rectal exam

The Stranger

Re: Video Website

Like most sites, not much there on the risks treatment involves.

Would he include links to YANA?

Re: Video Website

I also watched a couple of the videos and I have to agree with The Stranger. The doctor does not seem to favor one treatment over another. However, he missed an opportunity to use the video medium better. He only talks in the video. He does not use any visual aids. There were instances where adding a simple picture would have made his point better.

Paul A, USA

Re: Video Website

Thanks for the input

All the best

Terry in Australia