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HO HO HO!!!!!

May I take the time to express my best wishes for the forth coming festive season to each and every member of this forum. Plus an extra big pat on the back to Terry for maintaining this wonderful resource, which has provided an invaluable source of information, convergent and divergent opinions, and a meeting place for like minded persons to engage in social discourse on matters of mutual interest. Thank you Terry!!!!

We are all traveling the same journey. Some of us are a little closer to the destination than others. But take time to smell the flowers, enjoy the scenery, but most of all, enjoy to the fullest, this thing we know as life.

Seasons Greetings to Everyone!!!!!

Re: HO HO HO!!!!!

I would like to second John's vote of thanks. Terry, you have done a wonderful job here. This site is an excellent resource, a wonderful encouragement and amazingly, even able to conjure up a few good, and needed, laughs from time to time, amongst the worries we all experience.

Keep up the great work, Terry. Have a wonderful holiday and I hope everyone will raise a glass - or two!

Ted from England