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Re: High PSA

Thanx Stranger ... but I do realize that just because I feel like I'm doing fine right now, this ain't over and these fingers will remain crossed for a very, very long time.

Re: Re: High PSA


Absolutely and mine will be crossed for you as well.

The Stranger

Re: High PSA

I'm sure you have heard it said, but each prostate cancer has a unique set of circumstances. What worked for one person may not for another. There are nomograms online that can help determining if it has escaped the prostate. They told me mine hadn't, but all the nomograms said it had. It had. I had a low PSA, but a Gleason score of 9 (5+4). Not many options. I went with LRP. Now I'm on Hormonal therapy.

good luck,


Re: High PSA

Mark ... I absolutely agree and in no way meant to suggest that my choice of treatment was the one for Paul or anyone else. I was merely addressing his request for "similar experiences".

I still don't know if I made the right decision. Unfortunately I had already made the decision prior to joining this forum.

My Urologist and Oncologist were heavily pushing radiation treatment as the likely choice for me and I found no dissent from second and even third opinions so I went with it.

As many of us on here already know and folks like Paul are soon to discover, after the shock of hearing the "C" word we enter the very strange world of "decision making".

The options are seemingly endless and, yes, there are those that have agendas to promote in our decisions. They'll throw facts and figures at us that, quite frankly, we don't understand and promise this or that in side effects and treatment results which may or may not be reliable.

The bottom line is that we must trust someone we feel that has the knowledge to point us in the right direction and that's tuff to do in a life/death situation.

I trust the folks on here and wish I had found this place before making my decision.

Good luck to you Mark and feel free to join us in the "finger crossing" (grin).